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  • #REDIRECT [[Yerits Mankants Monastery]]
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  • #REDIRECT [[Yeghishe Arakyel Monastery]]
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  • [[Image:Handaberd-monastery-CIMG6634.JPG|thumb|300px|Handaberd Monastery interior. Copyright 2006 [[Arlen Dilsizian]] and [[Raffi Kojian]].]] ...ail, that eventually grows faint, but continue up to the top. [[Handaberd Monastery]] is on the slope opposite, with a terrible road leading up to it. Access
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  • ...tery it would have been breathtaking. The first warning of the approaching monastery is a small cave-like building and some khatchkars on the left of the road, ...aretaker lives in a small house with his family down a short path from the monastery, you must get him to open the doors if he is not there. Very few people wer
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  • ...rough which allows the lower churches interior to be seen. Outside of the monastery complex, before you enter the gates, you will notice some caves perhaps and ...the way. Its figure is stylistically connected with the decoration of the monastery.
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  • [[Image:Haghpat-DCP_1410.JPG|thumb|600px|Haghpat Monastery]] ...hpat was major literary center, and maintained rich feudal lands until the monastery properties were confiscated by the Russian Empire in the 19th c.
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  • [[Image:Tatev_monastery_complex-dcp3723.jpg|frame|right|Tatev Monastery Complex]] ...ear the village of the same name in part of Zangezur - ancient Syunik. The monastery was founded in the ninth century in place of a tabernacle well-known in anc
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  • [[Image:Kobayr_monastery_frescowall-dcp4499.jpg|frame|right|Kobayr Monastery - detail]] ...the rock, trees and vines twine among the intricately carved blocks of the monastery. The Katoghike church at the S end, partly fallen into the gorge, was built
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  • [[Image:Goshavank_general-dcp2419.jpg|right|frame|Goshavank Monastery general view.]] ...[[Haghartsin Monastery|Haghartsin]] and Goshavank (Գոշավանք), the monastery ensembles of the [[Dilijan]] district. They are situated in dense oak woods
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  • ...Monastery | Haghpat]] lies the lesser known but very worthwhile fortified monastery of Akhtala (Ախթալա), with breathtaking frescoes. (the key is with a v [[Image:Akhtala_monastery_P1001815.jpg|thumb|400px|right|Akhtala Monastery - fresco]]In the territory of the temple on the northwestern side there is
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  • [[Image:Sanahin-DCP_1489.JPG|thumb|600px|right|Sanahin Monastery - General view]] The architectural complexes of Sanahin and [[Haghpat Monastery | Haghpat]] are among the outstanding works of medieval Armenian architectu
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  • [[Image:Khorakert_monastery-dcp9622.jpg|frame|right|Khorakert Monastery]] ...rategic placement of Georgian border guards in recent years. The once rich monastery was built in a dense forest, among age old trees, and this influenced the d
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  • '''WARNING!!! DO NOT VISIT KHORANASHAT MONASTERY''' until a peace treaty is signed over [[Karabakh]]. Nearby Azeri soldiers ...p_khoranashat_Tavush.gif|left]]The architectural ensembles of [[Makaravank Monastery]] and Khoranashat in the north of Armenia occupy small high-altitude areas
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  • [[Image:Khuchapi_monastery-dcp9625.jpg|frame|right|Khuchapi Monastery]] ...edible views. The easiest way to get to Khuchapi is getting to [[Khorakert Monastery]] first, and then making your way to Khuchapi. Otherwise, you can do the of
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  • [[Image:Kirants_monastery_flowers-dcp4586.jpg|frame|right|Kirant Monastery - with flowers in foreground]] ...ream, dodging rocks and deep ruts, one finally sees at about 10 km Kirants Monastery*, 13-14th c. The main church is unusual for its brick construction and colo
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  • [[Image:Noravank_with_cliffs-DCP_0186.JPG|thumb|400px|right|Noravank Monastery Complex and Canyon.]] Monastery]], near [[Goris]]. In the 13th–14th centuries the monastery became a residence of [[Syunik (historic Armenia)| Syunik]]'s bishops and,
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  • ...400px|right|Horomayri Monastery - general view from cave tunnel]]Horomayri Monastery is an interesting complex, part of which is perched at the top of a cliff, ...ghway -- and a few km south of the Odzun turnoff you can just make out the monastery from the road if you look very very carefully.
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  • [[Image:Makaravank_dcp9416.jpg|thumb|400px|right|Makaravank Monastery - general view]][[Image:Map_makaravank.gif|left]] ...ound Makaravank, which was of substantial importance for the growth of the monastery. The monasteries were surrounded with mighty walls, their gates were decora
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  • [[Image:Marmashen_monastery-dcp4424.jpg|frame|right|Marmashen Monastery - general view]] Located to the northwest of [[Gyumri]], this monastery has four churches (one of which, circular, has only recently been discovere
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  • [[Image:Nor_varagavank_portal-dcp5382.jpg|frame|right|Nor Varagavank Monastery - portal]] [[Image:Nor-varagavank-DCP_6838.JPG|thumb|300px|Nor Varagavank Monastery]]
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  • reportedly also a ruined 5-6th c. church of S. Hakob and a S. [[Karapet Monastery|Karapet Church]] of 1205. On a hill 6 km E is S. Ghazar ruined church of t to the 10-13th c, with S. Sion church of 1001. In the gorge below the monastery, reached by a steep, rock-cut path is an 18th c. small church built on earl
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  • East from Yeraskh -- S. Karapet Monastery (Map C inset) ...see [[Garni Temple|Garni]], [[Geghard Monastery|Geghard]] and [[Khor Virap Monastery|Khor Virap]], pass a few wind-swept days by [[Lake Sevan]], and possibly ma
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  • [[Image:Tegher_monastery-dcp2679.jpg|thumb|left|300px|[[Tegher Monastery]]]] ...m Aghdzk, one bears left at the fork to reach the monastery of <B>[[Tegher Monastery|Tegher]]*</B> =80= (40 20.70n x 044 14.53e) (90 p), made of dark gray basal
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  • ...the Mekhitarist fathers, whose headquarters at the [[San Lazarro]] island monastery in Venice is full of great art treasures. Hromkla/Rum Qalat near Edessa); Grigor Tatevatsi (theologian of [[Tatev Monastery]], died 1409); Anania Shirakatsi (7th c. mathematician, studied in Trebizon
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  • ...emote valleys of the Azat river and its tributaries shelter [[Aghjots Vank Monastery|Aghjots]] (S. Stepanos) Vank and Geghi Castle (Kakavaberd). The road through Pokr (Little) Vedi is signposted for [[Khor Virap Monastery|Khor Virap]]. The left fork beyond Pokr Vedi leads to the village of <B>Lu
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  • The <B>[[Ejmiatsin Cathedral Compound|Monastery of Surp Ejmiatsin]]**</B> ("The Descent of the Only-Begotten" in traditiona Some of the exhibits of Echmiadzin monastery are put on display in the monastery's garden, notably the khachkars from all over Armenia and old [[Jugha Town|
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  • ...on the then island, Princess Mariam Bagratuni sponsored construction of a monastery, first post-Arab example of an important religious/architectural regional s ...Town|Ejmiatsin]] had banished for their transgressions. Chopin listed the monastery's property: five villages, four mills, a ruined dairy, 46 farm animals, an
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  • ...the dramatic gorge of the Azat river and [[Garni Temple|Garni]]/[[Geghard Monastery|Geghard]]. monasteries such as [[Havuts Tar Monastery|Havuts Tar]], [[Aghjots Vank Monastery|S. Stepanos]], Teghenyats and Meghradzor, forts such as Bjni and Sevaberd,
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  • [[Image:Hnevank_monastery-dcp4484.jpg|thumb|300px|Hnevank Monastery before restoration]] ...tiful gorge, near where the Dzoraget and Gargar rivers join. This splendid monastery, decorated with fine stone carving, was built originally in the 7c, but tot
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  • of S. Armenia, [[Vorotnavank Monastery|Vorotnavank]], [[Vahanavank Monastery|Vahanavank]], the standing stones near [[Sisian Town|Sisian]], the medieval ...d truck chassis, with a pleasant foot track leading up (20 minutes) to the monastery. Preserved are remains of a single-aisle basilica, perhaps of the fifth c.
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  • ...sible on the right are the sadly ruined remains of the 9th c. '''[[Karkopi Monastery|Karkopi or Khotakerats]]''' ("grass-eaters") Vank. The site owes its name ...paved road continues up and to the left, ending in a parking lot below the monastery.
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  • ...onastery|Haghartsin]], [[Goshavank Monastery|Goshavank]], and [[Makaravank Monastery|Makaravank]], but a series of other remote sites, particularly the cluster [[Image:Jukhtak-DCP_0383.JPG|thumb|300px|[[Jukhtak Monastery]]]]
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  • ...tery''' ☆ ⟪39.689628, 46.860207⟫, also known as Ghondik or Ghevondik Monastery, consisting of a small church of bluish-white untrimmed stone, gavit, belfr ...b. Sergey Melikumyan writes of a church of 368-371 and a <U>Frangyuli Vank Monastery</U>, built on the occassion of Melik Frangyul's visit to the village, but n
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  • ...ern one is <U>Kakhan</U>. According to an 18c inscription, the head of the monastery on Kashin Kar Hill built a new church named after his wife Nrneg, and rebui ...l hill 4.5km W of Varanda (as the crow flies), on which sits '''Kavakavank Monastery''' ☆ ⟪39.60605, 47.0913⟫, an attractive church of untrimmed stone wit
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  • was postponed for two years due to the Mongol invasion. Yerits Mankants Monastery and other impressive monuments were built at other times. [[Image:Metsaranits monastery-IMG 3875.JPG|thumb|200px|right|[[Metsaranits Monastery]].]]
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  • #REDIRECT [[Yerits Mankants Monastery]]
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  • #REDIRECT [[Yeghishe Arakyel Monastery]]
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  • ...remainders of ramparts, which served as the summer residence of the Amaras Monastery monks. One church is thought to date to the 11-12c, while the other church ...right side of wide Amaras valley, is a second monastery known as <U>Shoshk monastery</U>.
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  • Armenian monuments in Nakhichevan, including every remaining church and monastery were completely demolished during this same period.
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  • ...est highlight of this area is [[Aghtamar]] (Akhtamar) Island, with it's <B>monastery</B> =100= (38 20.42n x 043 02.23e) visible from the shore. The boat launch ...must park at the foot of the hill and hike up the steep hill to reach the monastery with sweeping views. There are the remains of at least two more monasterie
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