Sona Hamalian

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Name in Armenian Սոնա Համալեան
Birthplace Aleppo
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Resides in Yerevan
Death place Yerevan
Languages English, Armenian, Arabic, French
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Western Armenian

Born in Aleppo and moved to Lebanon before emigrating to the USA, where she spent time on both coasts.

In 1991 Sona moved to Armenia to work first for the American University of Armenia as Director of AUA's Extension Program, then as Deputy Director of the Eurasia Foundation, then as country director of Catholic Relief Services in Caucasus/Armenia.

Sona move to Afghanistan in 2010 and trained 22 NGOs in public relations and fundraising before going to Saudi Arabia to work as an Ethics and Compliance Officer for SAS Systems Engineering. Eventually she returned to Armenia to work public relations and fundraising for various organizations.

Having returned to Armenia she worked as philanthropic consultant based in Yerevan. She also headed Creative Networks, an international public-relations firm promoting nonprofit organizations, cultural and educational institutions, and artists.

Sona wrote the following about herself for her profile on the Orran Board of Directors profile:

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a gossip columnist. I used to daydream about the fabulous world of the rich and famous, and yearned to write about their exploits. I entered the fundraising field by a happy accident. After quitting a dead-end job and deciding to strike it on my own, doors began to open. And one day, while taking a stroll in Manhattan, I had my “Aha!” moment as I marveled at the display of a store that featured oversized gift items. That’s when I learned to think big. Fundraising, public relations, and marketing have since become my life’s calling. What I love about my work is the opportunity to help turn a great vision into reality. In particular, I love inspiring people, sometimes entire communities, to embrace a wonderful cause, product, or project. When I myself need inspiration, I turn to the wisdom of the greats, including Andrew Carnegie, Diana Vreeland, and Anais Nin. In connection with my work as a fundraiser and public-relations expert, the best compliment I’ve received is that I empower people to dream big. Ms. Sona Hamalian is work of the Strategist and Creative Networker at Orran.


Sona died of Covid complications in October, 2020. She is buried at Yerevan's Tokhmakh cemetery.

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