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Turks Wipe Out Entire Population in Town on the Black Sea

OCTOBER 26, 1915

LONDON, Tuesday, Oct. 28.--A dispatch to The Daily Mail from Odessa says:

"The Turks have massacred the entire Armenian population of Kerasunt, on the Black Sea."

Kearsunt is a seaport in Asiatic Turkey, about seventy miles west of Trezbizond. It is situated on a rocky promontory with a spacious bay on the east side. The heights surrounding are covered with luxurious vegetation. The population of Karasunt is about 24,000.

LONDON, Oct. 25.--An eyewitness story of Armenian atrocities, given to the British staff at the Dardanelles by an Armenian prisoner who was serving in the Turkish Army, is sent by the Reuter correspondent with the Dardanelles fleet. This Armenian says the declaration of marital law at Zile included the confiscation of all Armenian property.

He describes how women were tied to the tails of oxcarts and exposed to hunger and rough weather until they accepted conversion to Islam or death; how mothers were bayoneted before the eyes of their children, and how Armenian girls were distributed as chattels among civil and military officials.

The prisoner says that as a soldier he was compelled to assist in many massacres, being on one occasion a member of a party of forty soldiers which superintended the death of 800 Armenians. His account close as follows:

"There is reason to believe that German advisers of the Turks have urged upon them the undesirability of allowing a large alien and presumably unfriendly population to inhabit ports which lie open to Russian attack."

A hard copy of this article or hundreds of others from the time of the Armenian Genocide can be found in The Armenian Genocide: News Accounts From The American Press: 1915-1922