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Fresh Fruit with Minted Yogurt

Just one of the many offerings of Armenian cuisine.

I'd be hard put to find a strictly Armenian restaurant in the Bay Area, although Armenians have long lived in California. That's one good reason to check out Barbara Ghazarian's book Simply Armenian, which is firmly rooted in the cuisine while modernizing some dishes to make them lighter and less caloric. The book encompasses 150 dishes from peasant fare to banquet dishes. My favorites were the bulghur (cracked wheat) and lentil dishes; kebabs; homemade yogurt and not-too-sweet cakes. Armenians, who are Christian, have 180 fasting days a year, so vegetarian dishes are a staple. They shine in this book.

Simply Armenian: Naturally Healthy Ethnic Cooking Made Easy Barbara Ghazarian Mayreni Publication $17.95 ISBN: 1931834067

96.5 KOIT - San Francisco Recipes August 11, 2004