Setrak Setrakian

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Setrak Setrakian (b. 1938, Aleppo), Lebanese composer and pianist, former Director of Ganatchian Music College/Beirut, Professor of Piano, Harmony and Composition, author of approximately 400 musical compositions.

Music Education: 1950-1960 Studied piano, solfeggio, theory and harmony with Prof. Ernest Chouha in "Ernest Chouha" Music College in Aleppo.

1961-1962 Studied piano, harmony with Prof. T. Succar, Mrs. Turkiyeh and Prof. Michel Tcheskinov at the National Conservatory of Lebanon.

1962-1964 Studied in the National Conservatoire of Damascus harmony and composition with Prof. Sergey Schydril.

1964-1965 Studied piano and composition with Prof. Gunther Kohl in Jerusalem.

1966-1970 In Aleppo and Damascus gave lessons of piano and harmony.

1971-1972 Invited to the "Komitas" Conservatory of Yerevan to specialize with the following professors:

  1. Edvard Mirzoyan Composition
  2. Etvart Baghdasarian Harmony
  3. Krikor Hakhinian Polyphony
  4. Kevork Armenian Orchestration
  5. Elenora Atamian Piano
  6. Aved Derderian Opera Composition

1974-1978 Professor of piano at the Collège Mont la Salle, Ain Saadeh Beirut.

1978-1980 Professor of piano at the Collège des Apôtres, Jounieh Beirut.

1980-1985 Professor of piano in Beirut. (private lessons)

1985-1988 Professor of piano and music at the Armenian Theological Seminary of the Catholicosate of Cilicia, Beirut.

1986-1987 Professor of piano and harmony at P. Ganatchian Music College, Beirut.

1987 -1999 Director and Professor of piano, harmony, composition, and music analysis, at P. Ganatchian Music College, Beirut.

1994 Awarded the St. Mesrob Mashdotz Medal of Honor by Catholicos Karekin II.

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