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Sara Anjargolian is a Yerevan-based documentary photographer and attorney focused on visual storytelling projects that seek to inspire social change. Anjargolian's work is rooted in the belief that visual imagery has the profound and transformative potential to provoke, question, and inspire action. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and philanthropists, Anjargolian often chooses topics illuminating critical socio-political and environmental issues

Her work has been recognized and supported by the United Nations, Soros/Open Society Foundations, Fulbright, UCLA School of Art & Architecture (Make Art / Stop AIDS), Photophilanthropy, Fotoevidence, the Tufenkian Foundation, and the Yerevan Press Association. Her body of work has been exhibited widely and most recently includes stories illuminating topics such as: non-combat deaths within Armenia's military, life on the front lines in Nagorno-Karabakh, refugee life along the Azerbaijani border, AIDS and drug-resistant tuberculosis among the Zulu people in South Africa, “How We Live” a photography installation, book and film documenting poverty in Armenia, “Not Here” a project focusing on labor migration from Armenia to Los Angeles, and, “Zenne Dancer” a feature film in Turkey about the honor killing of a gay man by his father (for which she served as the still photographer).

Anjargolian graduated summa cum laude from the University of California Los Angeles with a degree in Political Science/Public Policy, and then went on to law school, receiving her law degree from the University of California Berkeley.

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