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Established 2006
Founder Jennifer Salmassian
Owner Jennifer Salmassian
Industry Publishing
La Canada Flt, CA,

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Sally the Cat Publishing was established in 2006 when a series of poems, written by Jennifer Salmassian, about a cat named Sally were illustrated and published into nursery books. With the help of the Armenian community, these books were nearly sold out, allowing two new titles to be published. Author Mary Dave joined Sally Publishing and release two titles; "Underwater Rainbow" and "Mother Moon and Her Rainbow of Stars". Desmond Nwaogu joined Sally Publishing and released "Ezechimere" vol. 1 & 2, "How Dog and Cat Became Enemies", and "Tortoie: the Great Dictator". Talented artist Brittany Baughman collaborated with Jennifer Salmassian and the Armenian Relief Society - Javakhk Fund to release "Javakhk: A World that Cares". Author Jennifer Salmassian's more recent titles include "Happy Halloween Birthday Boy" and "Lucineh in the Sky". "My Baby and Me: Nutrition for the Mom-to-Be" written by Dr. Kerri Parks and Wendy Crump was released in December of 2013. The latest book to join Sally Publishing is "Wonder-car: the Tale of Revving Rudy," written and illustrated by Jennifer Salmassian. With a steady number of books published per year, Sally Publishing holds over seventeen titles, all of which are printed on acid free paper in the USA.


Sally the Cat Publishing teamed with the Armenian Relief Society, Javakhk Fund, and published a very special book, "Javakhk: A World that Cares." This book, written by Jennifer Salmassian and illustrated by Brittany Baughman, is a fundraising effort to help raise awareness of the current conditions of the Armenian children living in Javakhk, in the Republic of Georgia. This book was translated into the Armenian language by Dr. Rita Vorperian of UCLA.


Sally the Cat Publishing works with the Library of Congress (LCCN) program, Bowker ISBN, Books in Print, Google Books, the US Copyright Office and Amazon. Sally Publishing makes several donations, namely "First Book". All titles are available from or by visiting Abril Bookstore in Glendale, CA or Sardarabad Books in Glendale, CA.

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Titles by Jenifer Salmassian Sally Saves the Baby, Sally Saves Water, Sally the Firefighter, Sally Saves the Mice, Adventures of Sally the Cat; My First Chapter Book, Happy Halloween Birthday Boy, Lucineh in the Sky, Javakhk: A World that Cares, Wonder-car: the Tale of Revving Rudy, Wonder-car: the Tale of Racing Rudy, Titles by Mary Dave Underwater Rainbow, Mothermoon and Her Rainbow of Stars, Titles by Desmond Nwaogu Ezechimere vol. 1 of 3, Ezechimere vol. 2 of 3, How Dog and Cat Became Enemies, Tortoise: The Great Orator, Titles by Kerri Parks and Wendy Crump My Baby and Me: Nutrition for the Mom-to-Be".