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Car bomb defused in Tbilisi, Israeli embassy driver targeted

Feb 13, 2012

TBILISI, A driver at the Israeli embassy in Tbilisi said he found an explosive attached to his car after hearing a strange sound while parking his Hyundai Getz after arriving at work on Monday morning.

“I left home at 8:30 in the morning. I brought a kid to a school number 116 [in Tbilisi] and then headed to the [Israeli] embassy where I work,” Roman Khachaturian, a Georgian citizen, said in comments aired by the Georgian TV stations. “When driving the car in reverse while parking, I’ve heard some sounds. I came out from the car and found something was stuck to the car with magnet.”

Police found a grenade in the package and it was defused, Utiashvili said.

Head of the ministry’s Information and Analytical Department, Shota Utiashvili, told DF Watch that the bomb was of a handmade type, and that the car was located near Queen Tamar Bridge about one kilometer from Tbilisi’s main railway station.

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