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Roger Kupelian's War Of Gods Hits Chicago, Glendale And Toronto 19.10.12

By Mike Adajian From the Armenian Weekly

"My first real book release for the War Gods graphic novel was in Chicago, hosted by the Knights of Vartan in February. Next week I'll be back in Chicago to celebrate the mass-market release of War Gods with a book signing and big free party at Alleycat Comics, the first comic book store in the US to carry my work. I can't wait to get back to Chicago to kick off my book signing tour where I got my first boost on these projects!"

Kupelian's graphic novels and films bring the eternal story of the heroism and sacrifice of Saint Vartan Mamigonian and His Knights and Daughters in the Battle of Avarayr to new life.

He is a writer, director, painter, digital effects artist, and animator, and made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a digital matte artist. Born in Lebanon, Kupelian was raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and now works in Hollywood. He is best known for having created some of the wondrous worlds in "Lord of the Rings," "Alice in Wonderland," "Charlie Wilson's War," "Hugo," "Pirates of the Caribbean."

In 1994, Kupelian spent two months on the front lines in Karabagh filming his AFFMA Award-winning "Dark Forest in the Mountains." He returned in 2004 to film his sequel "Hands and a Homeland."

He's also directed music videos for Serj Tankian of "System of a Down," and illustrated Tankian's poetry book, "Glaring through Oblivion."

In May, Roger Kupelian and Alina Khanjian, the theatrical and costume designer and Roger's wife, flew to Spain to be honored at the Animayo International Festival of Animated Films, Visual Effects and Video Games, where they also presented master classes.

Tankian says, "War Gods is an amazing display of Roger Kupelian's artistry and story-telling abilities. It's like a film popping up from the colorfully crafted pages of Armenian history."

Kupelian's watchword for his Armenian projects has been "Who we are is worth fighting for. " And that's the message he will continue to bring on behalf of Armenians during his tour. He will be at the Pomegranate Film Festival in Toronto from Oct. 18-22, and back in Glendale on Nov. 8, with more tour dates to follow.