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[[Category:Armenian Genocide]]
[[Category:Armenian Genocide]]
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JULY 29, 1915

VISCOUNT BRYCE asked the Lord President of the Council whether his Majesty's Government had any information regarding the Massacres of the Christian inhabitants which were reported to have been committed by the Turks in the districts of Zeitum, Mush, Diarbekir, Bitlis, and elsewhere in the region inhabited by the Armenians; and regarding a reported wholesale deportation of the inhabitants of some districts into Central Asia Minor and the desert parts of Mesopotamia; and whether, if these reports were well-founded, there was in the opinion of the Government any step that could be taken to save what remained of the Christian population of Armenia.

The EARL of CROMER said there was, unfortunately, no doubt of the truth of the reports. The difficulty was to know what to do to give practical effect to the sympathy they felt.

The ARCHBISHOP of CANTERBURY said he had been in frequent communication with Christians in the territories on the Turkish and Persian frontiers and letters received during the last two months had given accounts of massacres and outrages perpetrated by the Turks in territory now occupied by Russia. There was a feeling among the people that nobody in Europe cared about them, but he hoped that something at least would be done to show the sympathy this country and the desire to ameliorate the condition of the inhabitants. The country was at the moment in the hands of the Russians and it would be well that the feeling of horror we entertain should be made known.

The MARQUESS of CREWE said he was grieved to say that the information in the possession of the Foreign Office, although not much more ample, was in accord with what the noble lord had given. Two months ago, in concert with the Governments of France and Russia representations were made in regard to outrages perpetrated up to that date, May 24, to the effect that members of the Ottoman Government and all who participated in or instigated the crimes would be held personally responsible Since then the crimes had increased in number, and if possible, in atrocity. Wholesale massacre and deportation had been carried out under the guise of necessity for evacuation of certain districts. It was also true that the crimes had not been challenged by German officials, whose presence and influence might have mitigated the sufferings of the people, but had been a cures to the people. There official had shown a cynical disregard of the country and its inhabitants. For obvious reasons no immediate steps could be taken for repression of outrages. Those who were found to be responsible either directly for the commission of crimes or for cruelty due to their inspiration--and all the more the higher and the more responsible the positions they held--should receive punishment accordingly. (Hear, hear.)

Rising again, the MARQUESS of CREWE stated that the House would meet at 3 o'clock to-morrow, and that there would be Royal Commission at half-past 3.

The House rests at a quarter to 7 o'clock.

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