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[[Category:Armenian Genocide]]

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Nine Thousand Armenians Massacred and Thrown Into Tigris, Socialist Committee Hears.

PARIS, Aug. 3. - B. Varazdate, a member of the Executive Committee of the Armenian Social Democratic Party, writing to L'Humanite, the Socialist Daily, says that the committee has received word to the effect that Turks, after massacring all the males of the population in the region of Bitlis, Turkish Armenia, assembled 9,000 women and children and drove them to the banks of the Tigris, where they shot them and threw the bodies into the river.

These advices have not been substantiated by any other source.

The Armenian population of Cilicia, in the Turkish Vilayet of Adana, also has been subjected to persecutions, according to the reports of the committee. More than 40,000 persons already are dead and it is feared that the Armenians at Moush and Diarbekr, in Kurdestan, also have been massacred.

Twenty members of the Armenian Social Democratic Party, M. Varsadate says, have been publicly hanged in Constantinople after being charged with wishing to found an Independent Armenia.