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<h5 align=center>Views of Refugees Noe in Petrograd--All Men Forced Into the Army</h5>
November 12, 1914
Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES.
PETROGRAD, Nov. 11, (Dispatch to The London Morning Post.)-- Refugees who have arrived here from Constantinople report that the state of things there and in Turkey generally appalling.
Brigandage, murder, and atrocities are committed. Armenians being the chief-victims, but all Christians and foreigners are in great danger. One refugee, a Greek tells me he ran away to escape forced military service, leaving his wife and mother behind. According to his account Turkish authorities are forcing every man possible into the rank of the army.
The fighting on Saturday Sunday at Koprikos was not renewed on Monday, but the day was spent in a vigorous artillery duel, apparently without result. In the meantime Russian columns are marching up in two directions to reinforce each other for an attack on Erzerum.
Several strategic points of the utmost importance are already in the hands of the Russians.
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