Recognition of Armenian Genocide by Switzerland

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Swissinfo, Switzerland
March 29 2005

Calmy-Rey faces delicate mission in Turkey

Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey is travelling to Turkey on Tuesday, 18 months after a diplomatic spat put paid to a previous trip.

Ankara withdrew its invitation at the last minute after a cantonal parliament voted to recognise the 1915 slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Armenians as genocide.

Three months later - in December 2003 - a similar vote in the House of Representatives reached the same conclusion, drawing fresh condemnation from Turkey.

Françoise Saudan, a member of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee, who visited Turkey in August, cautioned that the Swiss foreign minister would need to tread gently.

She said the genocide remained a touchy subject for Turkey, which had not faced up to its past in the same way Switzerland addressed its Second World War past.

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