Raphael Patkanian

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Raphael Patkanian, the most popular of Armenian poets, was born in Southern Russia in 1830. He was the son of poor parents, but both his father and grandfather had been

The Republic of Armenia issued this stamp on March 27, 2006, to commemorate the 175th birth anniversary of Patkanian. The stamp is listed in the "Armenia Stamp Catalog" under #336 and is priced at $2.50 for Mint and $7.50 for First Day Cover.

distinguished for their poetic gifts. While at the University of Moscow, he organized a literary club among his Armenian fellow students, and from the initials of their names formed his own pen-name of Kamar Katiba. Many of his poems were written during the Turco-Russian war, when the Russian Armenians cherished high hopes for the deliverance of Turkish Armenia from the Ottoman yoke. Patkahian died in 1892, after forty-two years of continuous activity, as a teacher, author, and editor.

The Armenian and Armenianness

by Raphael Patkanian "The Armenian and Armenianness" written back in 1855

Who is an Armenian? Is he the one who speaks in Armenian?

Or whose name ends with the suffix yan?

The one who always eats tolma, pilav for lunch Or proudly always wears Armenian attire and hat?

Who is an Armenian, is he the one who attends an Armenian Church And goes to confession at least four times a year? That has never ignored the lent and also fasts during that And when he yawns he crosses his open mouth?

No, my dear, nationhood is not an external act Not even your Armenian birth will give you that right... If you are an Armenian, you must respect the Armenians for sure, Armenia for you must be the star of hope...

Love your nation not by words but as you love yourself, For her sake if necessary, sacrifice all your self, Don’t even save your life, give your blood to her Not with the hope that your nation instatntly will appreciate you.