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Raffi Kojian

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Raffi Kojian is the 2nd Raffi from the left. Copyright (c) 2006, Raffi Kojian, all rights reserved
Birthplace Ethiopia
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Lived in Ethiopia, Orange County, Yerevan, Los Angeles
Languages Armenian, English, Spanish
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian
Ancestral villages Marash, Gesaria

Owner of (founded in 2004) and (founded in 1996 on my netcom webspace at the time)

Publication and mentions

  • Rediscovering Armenia, (co-author) ISBN 9993052280
  • Special Residency Status: 18 Tales from Armenian Repatriates, (1 tale and some photos) ISBN 9789994120857
  • Armenia: The Bradt Travel Guide (mentioned in credits) ISBN 1841620815
  • Lonely Planet Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, second edition. (mentioned in credits) ISBN 1740591380
  • Adventure Armenia: Hiking and Rock Climbing (mentioned in credits) ISBN 9993078549.
  • Gruzja, Armenia. Magiczne zakaukazie (mentioned in credits to Polish guidebook) ISBN 836050606X.
  • Armenia: Land of Contrasts (mentioned in credits)
  • My Limp Through Armenia (mentioned in credits)
  • Wall Street Journal Europe - Mentioned in article appearing on July 6, 2001.
  • Armenian Impressions book of Armenia photos, one of three photographers. ISBN 9994120573
  • Appeared in 1994 documentary Beyond Commitment on Land and Culture Organization.
  • Appeared in 2006 documentary The Long Journey from the NFL to Armenia on NFL star Rien Long
  • Mentioned as "one Armenian nationalist blogger" (and a drooling one at that) in The New Republic July 23, 2007 article, "K Street Cashes In On The 1915 Armenian Genocide".
  • Murder at the Altar, novel by Terry Phillips. (mentioned in acknowledgments) ISBN 1892918021
  • Here, 2011 movie by Braden King. Thank you in the credits.
  • Sonntag Aktuell article about the Janapar Trail (Deutch - May 13, 2012)