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Raffi Kojian

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Raffi Kojian is the 2nd Raffi from the left. Copyright (c) 2006, Raffi Kojian, all rights reserved

Raffi Kojian is the creator and webmaster of and Born to Bedros and Anahid in Ethiopia, my family moved to the USA when I was young. I grew up in Orange County, California, and after a couple of stays in Armenia, moved there in 1999, where I reside today. After extensive travel in Armenia, in 2001 I published the first edition of Rediscovering Armenia, much of which was to Brady Kieslings credit, the second expanded and updated edition was published in 2005 - though it is always available online for free. In the summer of 2001 I was hired to open Armenia's first tourist information office, which opened at 3 Nalbandian Street. Hobbies/interess include gardening, reading, "remonding", cafes, and the ever-challenging in a land-locked country beach visit. I have strong libertarian tendencies, preferring government to let people do their own thing, as long as they are not harming their neighbors or the environment unfairly.

My signature on emails, n_w$$h has been used since the early 1990s. It is meant to be a latin character equivalent to ռաֆֆի

In the 1990s I created some of the first freeware Armenian truetype fonts. Masis (originalyl named Ararat), Arax, Sasun, and much later, Tamar. Plus a for-fun font to create borders.

AASCI Signature

In the early 1990's I often used the following aasci art at the end of my messages. At the time it was used in the first edition of The Idiot's Guide to the Internet as an example of ASCII art. (Yes, Mt. Ararat is shown from the Western Armenia perspective)

    _ .      __________________________________     ,,      .
   /# /_\_  |                                  |    |\_|/__/|
  |  |/o\o\ |             n_w$$h               |   / / \/ \  \
  |  \\_/_/ |                                  |  /__|O||O|__ \
 / |_   |   |                                  | |/_ \_/\_/ _\ |
|  ||\_ ~|  | Armenia    /\     Mt. Ararat     | | | (____) | ||
|  ||| \/   |          /    \                  |   \/\___/\__/
|  |||_     |        //\/\ /\\\\     /\        |  (_/         ||
 \//  |     |      ////////\\\\\\\\///\\\      |   |          ||
  ||  |     |____//////////\\\\\\/////\\\\\____|   |          ||\
  ||_  \    |      RAFFI  KOJIAN     |  HAPPY  |   \         //_/
  \_|  o|   |                        |  HAPPY  |    \_______//
  /\____/   |                        | JOY JOY |    __ || __||
 /  ||||__  |________________________|_________|   (____(____)
    (___)_) |     -Picture by Norm Sippel-     |   /**********\

Other mentions

  • Mentioned in credits of Bradt Guide to Georgia with Armenia
  • Mentioned in credits to Lonely Planet Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, second edition.
  • Mentioned in credits to Adventure Armenia: Hiking book.
  • Mentioned in Wall Street article in July 6, 2001.
  • Appeared in 1994 documentary on Land and Culture Organization.


Raffi's forays into the web world began after his return from Armenia in early 1996. He saw the need to share a more realistic picture of what Armenia was really like with the Diaspora - most of whom had never visited. With his new internet account at Netcom he had 5 megs of free "web space". With a vague understanding of what the web was, he went on it, learned html, and posted the following emails he had already sent out: my trip to armenia (1995-1996), and kept adding information ever since. Outgrowing the space led to the domain name and wanting to move to a wiki format led to

Raffi's websites


Favorite Books

Adult: Catch-22, Kurt Vonnegut (Welcome to the Monkey House, Cat's Cradle, Sirens of Titan, Bluebeard, and just about anything else he wrote), James Michener (Carribean, The Source, Caravans, Poland, much of what he wrote), The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand), Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand), The Human Comedy, 1984, A Confederacy of Dunces, Uncle Ben's Cabin, The Fool (by Raffi), Aldus Huxlet (Brave New World, The Island), War of the Worlds.

Kids: 100 Pounds of Popcorn, the Great Brain (series), Alvin Fernald (series), the Three Investigators (series), The Mad Scientists Club, My Name is Aram, A Wrinkle in Time.


I've been to: Armenia, Austria, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Rep., Dubai, Egypt, England, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Karabakh, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Mexico, Palestine, Poland, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Vatican City

Among other places, I still want to see Brazil, Thailand, Greece, Russia and Iran. Holding a US Passport is not very conductive to getting visas for the latter two, so I am waiting for that magical dual citizenship law to pass in Armenia (the constitutional amendment already passed).


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