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AZG Armenian Daily #192 25/10/2005

Armenian Genocide

Montreal, October 21, 2005 - The Congress of Canadian Armenians (CCA) announced today that representatives of the Quebec Provincial Government and of Quebec City have agreed with its proposal to erect a monument dedicated to the [[Armenian Genocide]. This followed several months of lengthy negotiations on the project.

The centerpiece of the monument will be an invaluable 12th century Khatchkar, which was entrusted to the AGBU Alex Manoogian School in Montreal following its exhibition at the Man and His World site in 1980. Khatchkars are large stones carved by artisans, depicting an elaborate cross and other Christian symbols traditional to Armenian culture. They are predominantly found around monasteries in Armenia. Only seven original Khatchkars exist outside historic Armenia, including one at the British Museum in London, another in the Louvre in Paris, and the one which has been donated by the CCA to be placed in a prominent location in Quebec City.

The CCA decided to donate the Khatchkar to Quebec as a token of gratitude by Armenians to the government and the people of Quebec for the unanimous passage of Bill 194 by the National Assembly in December 2003, recognizing the Armenian Genocide which occurred in 1915-1923.

Another Armenian organization has separately offered to donate a bust of Gomidas, a well-known Armenian composer and genocide victim, to Quebec to symbolize the friendship between Quebecers and Armenians. At a recent meeting with politicians and senior government officials in Quebec City, the CCA agreed with the Quebec proposal to have both the Khatchkar and the bust of Gomidas placed at the same site. Consequently, the CCA has approached the donors of the bust, offering to work together in planning and carrying out this significant project with the participation of all Armenians in Quebec.

The dedication and unveiling of the monument is planned to take place in April 2007

For more information on the Armenian Community of Quebec, see Armenians in Ontario and Quebec.