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100 Armenian Tales and their Folkloric Relevance +Wayne State University Press  +
60th Anniversary of April Massacres: 1915-1975 +Alik  +
A Historical Survey of the Armenian Case (book) +Baikar  +
A Mandate for Armenia +Kent State University Press  +
A Photographic Journey of my Homeland, Armenia +Vahé Peroomian  +
A Searchlight on the Armenian Question +Hairenik Publishing Co.  +
Adventure Armenia: Hiking and Rock Climbing +Kanach Foundation  +
Adventures of an Armenian Boy +Ann Arbor Press  +
An American Physician in Turkey +Houghton Mifflin Company  +
Apples of Immortality: Folktales of Armenia +University of California Press  +
Aram Khachaturyan (book by Victor Yuzefovich) +Sphynx Press  +
Aram Saroyan (self-titled book) +Random House  +
Armenia (Curzon) +John Murray  +
Armenia (Tupper) +John Murphy & Company  +
Armenia Observed +Ararat Press  +
Armenia: Portraits of Survival and Hope +University of California Press  +
Armenia: The Bradt Travel Guide +Bradt Travel Guides  +
Armenian Art Treasure of Jerusalem +Massada Press  +
Armenian Bondage and Carnage +Gowans Bros.  +
Armenian Sebastia-Sivas and Lesser Armenia +Mazda  +
Armenian Tapestry +Anahit Publishing House  +
Armenian Village Life Before 1914 +Wayne State University Press  +
Births +Creative Arts Book Company  +
Breaking the Rock of Tradition +Baikar  +
Coinage of the Artaxiads of Armenia +Royal Numismatic Society  +
Collection of Plant Species - Ijevan Subtropical Arboretum +SIM Press  +
Critical Essays on William Saroyan +Twayne Publishers  +
Day & Night (book) +Black Sparrow Press  +
Daybreak in Turkey +The Pilgrim Press  +
Eat, Pray, Love +Penguin  +
Essential Saroyan: A Selection of William Saroyan's Best Writings +Heyday Books  +
Fresno Stories +New Directions  +
From Turkish Toils +George H. Doran Company  +
From the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean +University of California Press  +
Full Moon Over Noah's Ark +Skyhorse Publishing  +
Genocide of Armenians Through the Swedish Eyes +Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute  +
Goodbye, Antoura +Stanford University Press  +
Hadjin and the Armenian Massacres +Fleming H. Revell Company  +
Historic Armenia After 100 Years +Stone Garden Press  +
Hussenig (book) +Armenian Heritage Press  +
I Shall Not Die +Marshall  +, Morgan & Scott  +
Javakhk: A World that Cares +Sally the Cat Publishing  +
Journey Through Soviet Armenia +Foreign Languages Publishing House  +
Leavening the Levant +The Pilgrim Press  +
Letters from 74 rue Taitbout or Don't Go But If You Must Say Hello to Everybody +The World Publishing Company  +
Letters to My Father: Poems +White Cloud Press  +
Lonely Planet Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan +Lonely Planet Publications  +
Lucineh in the Sky +Sally the Cat Publishing  +
Martyrdom and Rebirth +Diocese of the Armenian Church of America  +
Martyred Armenia and the Story of my Life +God's Revivalist Press  +
Massacres, Resistance, Protectors +Gorgias Press  +
Me (William Saroyan) +Crowell-Crollier Publishing Company  +
Meshach Paul Krikorian: The Spirit of the Shepherd +Evangel Press  +
My Brother's Road: An American's Fateful Journey to Armenia +I. B. Tauris  +
My Name Is Saroyan +Harcourt  +
My Story (Barooshian) +Vantage Press  +
Needle, Thread and Button +The Zoryan Institute  +
Neither To Laugh nor To Weep +Beacon Press  +
On Board +Naval Institute Press  +
Operation Nemesis: The Assassination Plot that Avenged the Armenian Genocide +Little  +, Brown and Company  +
Orhan's Inheritance +Algonquin Books  +
Out of Inferno +Dorrance & Company  +
Pages (book) +Random House  +
Pantaraxia: The Autobiography of Nubar Gulbenkian +Hutchinson of London  +
Passage to Ararat +Farrar  +, Straus & Giroux  +
Razzle-Dazzle +Harcourt Brace and Company  +
Recovering Armenia: The Limits of Belonging in Post-Genocide Turkey +Stanford University Press  +
Remembrance and Denial: The Case of the Armenian Genocide +Wayne State University Press  +
Revolution and Genocide +University of Chicago Press  +
Rise the Euphrates +Random House  +
Sacrifice and Redemption +Baikar  +
Scenes From an Armenian Childhood +Oxford University Press  +
Shephard of Aintab +Interchurch Press  +
Starving Armenian (book) +University Press of Virginia  +
Stone Garden Guide to Armenia and Karabagh +Stone Garden Productions  +
Stowaway to Heaven +Armenian Information Bureau  +
Summer of 42 +Shiffer Books  +
Survivors: An Oral History of the Armenian Genocide +University of California Press  +
Talaat Pasha’s Report on the Armenian Genocide +Gomidas Institute  +
Tests and Triumphs of Armenians in Turkey and Macedonia +Zondervan Publishing House  +
The Armenian Genocide (Azadian-Donoyan) +Navazart  +
The Armenian Genocide: A Century of Remembrance and Denial +Praeger  +
The Armenian Genocide: The Essential Reference Guide +ABC-CLIO  +
The Armenian Holocaust +National Association for Armenian Studies and Research  +
The Armenians in Massachusetts +Armenian Historical Society  +
The Armenians of New England +Armenian Heritage Press  +
The Armenians: From Genocide to Resistance +Zed Press  +
The Blight of Asia +The Bobbs-Merrill Company  +
The Burning Tigris +HarperCollins  +
The Circus +Creative Co.  +
The Forty Days of Musa Dagh +Viking Press  +
The Genocide of Armenians by Turks +Ahra  +
The Golden Bracelet +Holiday House  +
The History of the Armenian Genocide +Berghahn Books  +
The History of the Armenian People (Morgan) +Hairenik  +
The Human Comedy +Harcourt  +
The Knock at the Door +Beaufort Books  +
The Legacy (book) +Hairenik Press  +
The Lions of Marash +New York Press  +
The Making of Nagorno-Karabagh +Palgrave Publishing  +
The Museums of Yerevan (book) +Hayastan  +
The Parsley Garden +Creative Education Inc.  +
The Right to Struggle: Selected Writings of Monte Melkonian on the Armenian National Question +Sardarabad Press  +
The Romance of the Oriental Rug +Babayan's Limited  +
The Sandcastle Girls +Doubleday  +
The Tondrakian Movement +Kahn & Averill  +
The Tragedy of Armenia +The Pilgrim Press  +
The Urchin +John Murray  +
The William Saroyan Reader +George Braziller  +
Three Worlds: Hairenik: 1934-1939 +Hairenik  +
Torn Between Two Lands +Harvard University Press  +
Traditions of the Tigris +Weehawken  +
Truth Held Hostage +Gomidas Institute  +
Turkey and the Armenian Atrocities +Edgewood Publishing Company  +
Twenty-Three Years in Asia Minor (1899-1922) +Vantage Press  +
Unsilencing the Past +Berghahn Books  +
Voyages +Ararat Press  +
You Rejoice My Heart +Gomidas Institute  +
Памятники армянских поселений +Айастан  +
Հայ Ժողովրդական Բանահյուսություն +Publishing House of the State Pedagogical University of Armenia  +
Հայ Սովետական Թատրոն 1917 – 1977 +Սովետական Գրող  +
Մարաշի ասեղնագործության գաղտնիքները +Zangak-97  +