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====Measures of protection taken====
====Measures of protection taken====
Under legal protection if the Goravan Sands Sanctuary
Under legal protection in the Goravan Sands Sanctuary
==External links==
==External links==

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<Rare and Endangered Animals of Armenia

Animal in Armenia

Անդրկովկասյան տակիրյան կլորագլուխ (“Andrkovkasyan takiryan kloraglukh”)(“Parskakan kloraglukh moghes”)("Parskakan dodoshaglukh moghes")

Endangered species. Included in the Red Books of Armenia and the former Soviet Union.

Habitat in Armenia

Can be found in semi-deserts of [Ararat Marz|Ararat]], Armavir and Yerevan regions.

Number in the wild

Endangered species. Has almost disappeared in Ejmiatsin region. In 2006 the mean abundance in the Goravan Sands Sanctuary was about 11 specimens per ha.

Reasons for decrease in number

The change of landscape under the influence of man, illegal collection, overgrazing.

Number in captivity

No data available

Measures of protection taken

Under legal protection in the Goravan Sands Sanctuary

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