Perge Zeituntsyan

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Birthplace Alexandria
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Birth date 8 July 1938
Lived in Alexandria, Yerevan
Dialects Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian

Novelist, Playwright, Honorary Member of the Academy of Roman Art and Culture, 1957 Member of the Writers’ Union of Armenia.

Born 8th July, 1938, Alexandria (Egypt).

In 1948 the family repatriated to Armenia. Graduate of Pyatigorski Pedagogical Institute (Russian) and Moscow’s highest Seminar for Screenplay. He was chief editor of the “Hai-Film” editorial company. He was worked in the Writers’ Union as a secretary. He was the chief editor of the “Pioneer” youth magazine. In 1991-92 he was the first Minister of Culture in the Republic of Armenia. He is the author of a number of novels, short stories and plays, the majority of which are historical. His plays have been performed in the Yerevan Sundukian State theatre and Khaplanian dramatical theatre. His poetry has been translated into French, English, Russian, Arabic, Czech, Greek and other foreign languages. He has also translated a number of works from English.


  1. Don’t Look in the Mirror, Yerevan, 2004
  2. The Last Daybreak, Yerevan, 1989
  3. The Most Miserable Man, Yerevan, 1981
  4. Arshak the Second, Yerevan, 1977
  5. Clod Robert Iserli, Yerevan, 1968