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Rare species. Population in [[Agarak Town|Agarak]] is disappearing.  
Rare species. Population in [[Agarak Village]] is disappearing.  
====Habitat in Armenia====
====Habitat in Armenia====
Grows in the floristic region of [[Meghri Town|Meghri]] ([[Agarak Town|Agarak]] village).  
Grows in the floristic region of [[Meghri Town|Meghri]] ([[Agarak Village]]).  
====Habitat and ecology====
====Habitat and ecology====

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< On the list of Rare and Endangered Plants of Armenia

Plant in Armenia

Վահանակերպ գրոսհեյմի (“Vahanakerp gros’heimi”)


Rare species. Population in Agarak Village is disappearing.

Habitat in Armenia

Grows in the floristic region of Meghri (Agarak Village).

Habitat and ecology

Grows in plumb lime hills.

Biology and potential value

Perennial plant. Has scientific interest.

Measures of protection

Control over the populations should be established; introduction to botanical parks is preferable.

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