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*Kimberly Spigelmiro
*Kimberly Spigelmiro
*Nicholas Spina
*Nicholas Spina
*Tara Sprague
*Tera Sprague
*Jason Sprague
*Jason Sprague
*John Tease
*John Tease

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Since the independence of Armenia from the Soviet Union, the United States Peace Corps has been sending volunteers to Armenia to teach English, Health, Business and Environmental issues.

In 2005 the 13th group of volunteers arrived in Armenia.


YEREVAN, AUGUST 15, NOYAN TAPAN. "I am calling upon you to use your knowledge in Armenia as best as you can." The US Ambassador to Armenia John Evans stated this during his opening address at the August 15 event at the Armenia Marriott Hotel dedicated to the American Peace Corps volunteers' activities in Armenia and the swear-in ceremony of 43 new volunteers. The ambassador appreciated the work carried out by the volunteers in the spheres of education and health, and expressed hope that they will continue serving efficiently in Armenia. Country Director of the Peace Corps Armenia Patrick Hart said that at present the Peace Corps volunteers are collaborating with the Armenian counterpart organizations in the areas of English language education, business and community development, and health and environmental education. He noted that Peace Corps Armenia was established in 1992 at the invitation of the Armenian government. Since that time, more than 500 Peace Corps volunteers have served in Armenia. With the addition of this new group, 90 volunteers will work in schools, universities, NGOs and health facilities throughout Armenia.

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A12 Group

The volunteers that arrived in the summer of 2004 are called the "A12"s.

  • Renee Alleman
  • Cherie Andreassen
  • Lars Andreassen
  • Gina Angelelle
  • James Applegate
  • Katherine Bante
  • Bonnie Barron
  • Leslie Blanchard
  • William Bostwich
  • Eric Bousman
  • Emily Brittain
  • Penelope Brunner
  • Camille Carter-Armorer
  • Wendy Chang
  • Corey Chester
  • Kathleen Chisholm
  • Catherine Cvengros
  • William Dickinson
  • Elizabeth Endris
  • William Furnish
  • Arlene Gardner
  • Nicholas Giammaria
  • Jillian Guglielmo
  • Yo-Jung Ha
  • Nicole Hendrix
  • Laura Holt
  • Brett Holt
  • Charlie Ihrke
  • Tony Kim
  • Sashe Koftinow
  • Donald Kramer
  • Leslie Long
  • Andrew Love
  • Janet Munro
  • Joshua Olson
  • Kristi Orendi
  • Christopher Panzica
  • Dennis Price
  • Ryan Ratay
  • Morgan Ruelle
  • Tamara Sant
  • John Sarraf
  • Kimberly Spigelmiro
  • Nicholas Spina
  • Tera Sprague
  • Jason Sprague
  • John Tease
  • Joel White
  • Susan Wieluns
  • Robert Wieluns
  • Allison Young