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(Ancient Origin of Armenians)
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There is no real origin. We're real half assed. We're barely a country.
[[Image:450px-Hayk statue.JPG|thumb|right|250px|Haik is the legendary patriarch and founder of the first [[Armenian]] nation.]]
===Ancient Origin of Armenians===
People have inhabited the [[Armenian Highland]]s since the [[Stone Age]]. The earliest possible record identified with Armenians, is from an [[Akkadian]] inscription dated to 2300 BC, which mentions ''Armani'' together with Ibla, as territories conquered by Naram-Sin. [[Thutmose III]] of Egypt, also mentions the people of ''Ermenen'' in 1446 BC, and says in their land "heaven rests upon its four pillars" (Thutmose was the first Pharoah to cross the Euphrates to reach the Armenian Highlands).<ref>Eric H. Cline and David O'Connor (eds.) ''Thutmose III'', University of Michigan, 2006, ISBN 978-0472114672</ref>  Even to this day Kurds and Turks refer to Armenians by ''Ermeni''.
The first major state in the region was the kingdom of [[Urartu|Ararat]], which appeared around [[Lake Van]] in the thirteenth century B.C. and reached its peak in the ninth century B.C.
== Khorenatsi’s theory ==
Khorenatsi’s theory that the [[Armenians]] descended from Torgom (Togarmah) is consistent and derived from, Biblical references to the House of Togarmah, a land known for its horses in the extreme north. [[Armenia]] would have been the north hinterlands for the [[Mesopotamian]] world of the Old Testament, and the [[Armenian Highland|Armenian Highlands]] were renowned for horse breeding and horsemanship throughout ancient times. <ref>Strabo, Geography, XI.14.9.</ref>
== Quotes ==
"The original [[Armenians]] must have been very adventurous. Their brothers, i.e. the other [[Indo-European]] tribes, went towards north or south, towards more fertile areas in [[Europe]] and [[India]], while some decided to stay in Persia. But these Armenians went even further, in the heart of these impassable mountain regions and climbed as high as they could.” <ref>M. E. Elliot, Beginning again at [[Ararat]], New York, 1924, p. 268</ref>
"The [[Hurrians]] had a history of their own. Assyrian and Sumerian sources dating from the end of the third millenium B.C. supply our first information about this nation, people, and the land of Hurri, South of Caucasus. We also know that they come from the region of [[Lake Van]] in Eastern [[Anatolia]], and are referred to as Horrittes by the Bible. Still, later in the ninth-seventh centuries N.C. the highland of Armenia were inhabited by a people who were related to the [[Hurrians]] and whose country bore the name Urartu, the Biblical Ararat" <ref>Dr. Johannes Lehman, "The Hittites,"</ref>
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There is no real origin. We're real half assed. We're barely a country.