Onnig Atamian

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Onnig Atamian (1925 - 1999), Armenian painter, lived mostly in the UK. In 1956, he was Prize winner in the Daily Express Young Artist Exhibition (UK) and in 1962, Prize winner at Ulster Museum, Belfast Exhibition (UK). In 1968, he was honoured by the Soviet Armenian Government, with an invitation to Yerevan, where he was given his own painting studio for a year and an exhibition at the Armenian National Gallery, where he showed 27 oil paintings and 29 watercolours. The National Gallery bought most of his paintings. For over twenty years, he was represented in London by Arthur Jeffers Gallery, the Grosvenor Gallery and then by The Estorick Gallery. He has exhibited with, among other artists, Seurat, Bomberg, de Chirico and Delaunay.

Several of his paintings and drawings are for sale and examples of his work can be seen at Atelier Montsale in Essex. All inquiry via email to mania.row@btopenworld.com and at http://atamian.arttraderuk.com/

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