Olga Gulazian

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Olga Gulazian is a renown Armenian actress.

She entered theater with Gabriel Sundukian's dramaturgy and became known to the public with the heroes of Sundukian's plays, theater critic Haykaz Yeranosian noted.

The famous actress played in Sundukian's all plays and Epemia was her best role on the Armenian stage. Olga Gulazian was the best actress personifying Sundukian's heroes and their best commentator, which, however, didn't impede her to create with the same success images of Russian and and Armenian classical and modern dramaturgy.

According to theater critic Varsik Grigorian, several generations of theater-lovers enjoyed Olga Gulazian's perfect playing for more than 60 years. "Her stage images were not only true but had a power of influencing and infecting," the theater critic emphasized.

On October 26 2005 there was organized an event at the Armenian Union of Theater Figures dedicated to the 120th birth anniversary of one of the greatest Armenian actresses - Olga Gulazian.


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