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ROBERT SULAHIAN M.D. He is a famous radiologist in Aleppo-Syria. But also his name is sticked with "Armenian Books Exhibition"s in Aleppo, he was the head of AGBU's AYA's Cultural Committee 1977-1997, which was famous by organazing cultural events every thursday all over the year. Doctor Robert Sulahian was the editor of "Erebouni" periodical 1978-1982, which was published by AGBU's AYA's Scholar's Division. He had organized many groups in AYA teaching them the Armenian Cause and History. He is now the moderator of Arm.Evang.Martyr's Church and the Secretary of the Arm.Evang.Community in Syria. Dr.Sulahian worked hard for the establishment of the Syrian Philatelic Club in Aleppo, which settled in 2005 in the Arab Cultural Center and he has elected the president of this club, in 2006 he has organized 2 stamp exhibitions showing all the Syrian stamps 1919-2006, during the "Aleppo Islamic Culture's Capital" festivals. He has a very interesting collection of Armenian Stamps.