Narek Sargsyan (architect)

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"It must be established an urban dictatorship in Armenia and it is possible to do", said today ex-architect of Yerevan Narek Sargsyan.

During the press-conference, he talked about already constructed buildings in the center, which he considered a negative change of Yerevan.He also said that he didn't agree and had nothing to do with many projects concerning the elimination of green areas and land distributions. N. Sargsyan also added, "I am not responsible to the construction of different cafes near the Opera House when I was an architect ", but meanwhile he claimed that there were not any rude changes in that areas.

At the end he said, "Anyhow the left green-areas are still not in bad situation. I think that even a little control of us will continue to save that areas", and added, "I even miss the Soviet times when there was a respect toward the architects, but now media mixes everything".