Murad Gumen

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Murad Gumen is a Turkish-American cartoonist, and massive Armenian Genocide denialist. Hiding under the name of “Holdwater”, Murad Gumen has for several years has run the infamous website (TAT).


According to the recent discovery by Taner Akcam, the author of perhaps the most vicious anti-Armenian website on the web is an accomplished Turkish-American cartoonist. Murad had written anonymously on his genocide denial site about a letter he had written to the Holocaust Museum, and posted a copy of it with his name removed. The Holocaust Museum is a government institution, and its documents are open to the public. Taner was easily able to ascertain that the letter had been written by Murad Gunem, who also incidentally described himself on the site quite correctly as "I was born and raised in the United States, and have had little contact with Turkish people... Living in New York City, by the way, my best friends — not just regular friends — in different phases of life have been Greeks.".

Further evidence of a link (confirmed by this webmaster on December 7, 2008 - see evidence here and here) between Murad Gunem and tallarmeniantale comes from a comparison of the IP numbers of the two websites, which are identical, being hosted on the same server. This despite the long denial letter on the tallarmeniantale site denying the link which Akcam exposed.

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