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<h3 align=center>MORGENTHAU INTERCEDES</h3>
April 29, 1915
Reports Great Uneasiness Over Treatment of Armenians
Special to The New York Times
WASHINGTON, April 28. - Ambassador Morgenthau at Constantinople today notified Secretary of State Bryan that he and other members of the diplomatic corps in the Turkish capital had taken up with the Ottoman Government the complaints of the [[Catholicos|Katolikos]], head of the Armenian Greek church at [[Ejmiatsin Cathedral Compound|Etchmiadzin]], on behalf of Armenian Christian who have been massacred by Turks and Kurds in the Transcaucasian region. George Bakhmetoff, Russian Ambassador to the United States, called on Secretary Bryan yesterday and delivered a message which the Katolikos had sent to Russia and which the Russian Government asked the United States Government to present to the Turkish Government.
Secretary Bryan said today that it appeared that the message which he had yesterday sent to Ambassador Morgenthau crossed the message which Ambassador Morgenthau had sent, showing he had already taken up this matter with the proper authorities. Ambassador Morgenthau's cablegram reported that there was great uneasiness in the Near East over the treatment of the Armenians. The message did not speak definitively of the reported massacres or give details, but assured Secretary Bryan that the matter was being taken up vigorously with the Ottoman Authorities.
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