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==Prominent Armenian Montrealers==
==Prominent Armenian Montrealers==
* [[Araz Artinian]] – documentarian, filmmaker
* [[Araz Artinian]] – documentarian, filmmaker
* [[Arshavir Gundjian]] – co-vice president of AGBU
* [[Rob Maguire]] – photographer, graphic designer and activist
==External links==
==External links==

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File:Montreal.jpg Montreal (French: Montréal) is the largest city in the province of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada. It has a considerably large and active Armenian community. Many Armenian social and political organizations are established there, such as the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and Armenian General Benevolent Union.

Armenian Community

Most of the Armenians in Montreal are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants from Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. In the early 1990s, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, some Armenians immigrated to Montreal from Armenia. The city has an Armenian Genocide memorial, located in Marcelin Wilson Park.

Many of the Armenian Montrealers live in Laval, which is a suburb of Montreal.


Educational Institutions

Both the Sourp Hagop Armenian School and AGBU Alex Manoogian School offer pre-school, kindergarten, primary and secondary education. Sourp Hagop is the largest Armenian school in Canada, with more than 670 students.

Relations with Armenia

Montreal is a sister city of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

Prominent Armenian Montrealers

External links