Miscellaneous Poems

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O Quiet is the wind yet something stirs
Between our world and heaven's starry skies
A spirit, shall I say, that knows a form
Beyond all that which beauty can describe;
A whole expanse of night pervades my sight
Disturbing naught that seeks of silent rest,
And yet withal I feel a wondrous thing
Upon the vision of unopen?d eyes
That now proclaims the portent of our fate:
The needs of life have made of us a span
And we shall from our ashes, phoenix-like,
Cry, "Hail the advent of the superman."

God's Lament

When I bestow beneficence upon man,
He distances himself from me.
When I heap calamities on his head,
He draws nigh.

Ode to Unchastity

Unchaste girls are not unchased,
But unchased girls are chaste;
The unchased have no time to waste,
For they've faced to their distaste
If they don't make haste to become unchaste,
They'll remain unchased and waste.


by Paul Verlaine translated by C.K. Garabed

The murmurings Of autumn's strings Bemoan
The languid sighs My heart becries Alone.
In breathless gloom Toward pending doom I creep
And fondly gaze On former days And weep.
And we are borne By ill winds' scorn To fly
Hither and brief The withered leaf And I.