Miscellaneous Poems

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O Quiet is the wind yet something stirs
Between our world and heaven's starry skies
A spirit, shall I say, that knows a form
Beyond all that which beauty can describe;
A whole expanse of night pervades my sight
Disturbing naught that seeks of silent rest,
And yet withal I feel a wondrous thing
Upon the vision of unopen?d eyes
That now proclaims the portent of our fate:
The needs of life have made of us a span
And we shall from our ashes, phoenix-like,
Cry, "Hail the advent of the superman."

God's Lament

When I bestow beneficence upon man,
He distances himself from me.
When I heap calamities on his head,
He draws nigh.

Ode to Unchastity

Unchaste girls are not unchased,
But unchased girls are chaste;
The unchased have no time to waste,
For they've faced to their distaste
If they don't make haste to become unchaste,
They'll remain unchased and waste.