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Mikael Aramyants

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Birthplace Kyatuk
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Dialects Karabakh Armenian

Mikael Aramyants (Armenian: Միքայել Արամյանց, May 4, 1843, Kyatuk, Artsakh – 1923, Tiflis) was an Armenian benefactor.

M. Aramyants was a prominent Armenian oil magnate, industrialist, financier, and a philanthropist, 'founder and board member of Tbilisi "National Charitable Society. Michael Aramyants was a close friend of Alexander Mantashyants and his charitable contributions were equal to Mantashyants. M. Aramyants was born in 1843 May 4 in Karabakh. Later he moved to Tbilisi where he was and is known for his invaluable contribution to development of trade, health, education and culture. Michael Aramyants was permanent sponsor of Armenian Nersessian School in Tiflis [now Tbilisi]. Michael Aramyants was prosperous sugar and cotton businessman, owner of professional, profitable houses, estates, lands, cottages and resorts, and especially of Akhtala and Kislovodsk health resorts owner and director. In Tbilisi Aramyants founded the famous "Aramiants Hospital", which is now called the Clinical Hospital No. 1, and which is still called 'Aramiants hospital’ by old people living in Tbilisi. He equipped ‘Aramiants hospital’ with the newest and best medical apparatus of the time. Even the first X-ray was brought to Tbilisi from Europe in order to help to diagnose people and cure them.

This was a large hospital complex built according to European standards, recalled granddaughter of Tbilisi Mayor Alexander Khatisyan Isabella Khatisovan: - in order to build the hospital chief engineer Zaroubian traveled to Moscow, Vienna, Berlin, to study hospital buildings. First were constructed an infectious, surgery, and maternity hospitals.

Michael Aramiants had a big role in the development of the oil industry in the Caucasus. He moved the majority of his capital to construct oil road and to realize Baku –Batumi oil transfer. Aramiants helped to build shelters for homeless refugees of Western Armenia. The settlement later was known as "Aramashen 'settlement. The name of Michael Aramiants is connected with "Marriott" hotel of Tbilisi which he built in the beginning of 20th century and called it "Mazhestik» in memory of his beloved ship. Unfortunately after the Bolsheviks came to rule the country Aramyants lost most of his wealth and died of hunger in the basement of his hotel.

Unforgettable memorable and a great benefactor name, his good works will always live in the memory of people despite the efforts of Soviet regime. By the way the first Armenian Republic decree was signed in Aramyants flat in Tbilisi.

A joke about Aramyants. After the red revolution in all caucus republics the sov_nar_kom (national soviet committee) chief of Georgia, Makharadze, called Aramyants to solve Tiflis issue. The problem with Tbilisi was that the majority of the population was Armenian since THEY built the city, but this town was declared as the capital of the Georgia after the Georgian independence in 1919. So, Makharadze ask Aramyants to relocate all Armenians from Tbilisi to Armenia and he promised to pay the compensation within next 50 years. Aramyants reply was that if Makharadze can relocate all Georgians from the Tiflis/Tbilisi he will bring the compensation money tomorrow.

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