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Mihran_Hakobyan&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Mihran Hakobyan Mars symbol.svg
Birthplace Yerevan
Birth date 15 July 1984
Resides in Yerevan
Languages Armenian, Russian
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Eastern Armenian

Born on July 15, 1984 in Yerevan.

2004 - Graduated from the Faculty of International Relations of the Yerevan State University (YSU).

2006 - Masters’ Degree of YSU.

2009 - Postgraduate of YSU. Specialist in international affairs. Candidate of Historical Sciences.

2007 - 2008 - Participated in the seminars of the Yerevan School of Political Studies of the Council of Europe.

2003 - 2005 - Collaborated in the newspapers “Yerkir” and “168 hours.”

2011 - 2014 - Assistant to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia.

2014 - 2015 - Producer of the news program “Hour” of “Armenia” TV company.

2015 - 2017 - Director of media - political programs of “Ararat” TV company.

Since 2008 - Lecturer at the Faculty of International Relations and the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Yerevan State University.

2004 - Elected chair of the student council of YSU.

2006 - 2012 - Head of the department for work with students of the YSU.

2009 - 2012 - Advisor to the Chair of the NGO “Association of YSU Graduates.”

Since 2011 - Member of the RPA Council.

April 2, 2017 - Elected Member of the National Assembly from the RPA national electoral list.

Awarded the YSU Gold Medal (2009), the Commemorative Medal of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia (2014).