Mekhak Mkhitaryan

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File:Mekhak MKHITARYAN.jpg Mekhak Mkhitaryan was born on April 1, 1951 in the village of Bambakashat in the Hoktemberyan region.

Mr. Mkhitaryan graduated from the Armenian Agricultural Institute in 1972. He is an engineer-technologist.

From 1972-1973 he served in the Soviet Army. From 1973-1974 he was a shift head at the Hoktemberyan Tinned Goods Factory. He spent the next four years first as an instructor, later head of division, and then second secretary in the LCYU Hoktemberyan Regional Committee. From 1978-1988 he worked first as an instructor and later head of division in the ACP Hoktemberyan Regional Committee. From 1988­1993 he was the head of the Executive Committee of Hoktemberyan Regional Council. From 1998-2003 he was the deputy marzpet of Armavir.

1990-1995 he served in the Supreme Council (electoral district # 211), he was a member of the Republic Deputy Group.

On May 25, 2003 he was elected to the NA from electoral district # 29 and he is currently on the NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture and Youth Affairs. He is also a member of both the Rule of Law Faction and party.

Mr. Mhkitaryan is married and has three children.

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