Markos Garabetyan

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The owner of a small family-run delicatessen, market and manufacturing plant called "Ohanyan's Corner". The title of the deli is kept from the name of the previous owner and it has been a fixture at Shields and West avenues in Fresno, CA, for 25 years. Besides Armenian and Middle Eastern foods, including dry bulk lentils, rice, bulgur and garbanzo beans, cans of grape leaves, jars of Armenian cucumber pickles and preserves made from eggplant, pumpkin or rose petals it also offers Armenian sausages made in the small manufacturing plant in the back of the building. Hayik Garabetyan, 32, son of Garabetyan has also worked in the family business since he was 8, and he left college to join his father. Hayik Garabetyan's uncle, Jerry Hancer, and cousin, Robert Hancer, also run the family business, which includes a plant at Ashlan and Valentine avenues in Fresno, CA where pasta and dried meat are made.


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