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Clickable map of [[Armenian Attraction Ratings|Tavush Marz's attractions]], both major and minor.  You can pan around and zoom in and out.
Clickable map of [[Armenian Attraction Ratings|Tavush Marz's attractions]], both major and minor.  You can pan around and zoom in and out.
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="40.971604" lon="45.164795" width="600" height="650" zoom="10" icons="http://www.armeniapedia.org/files/icons/marker-{label}.png">
(fort) 41.203811,45.020535, Berdavan Castle
Within meters of the border with Azerbaijan. Visits may be dangerous.
(cross) 41.164246,44.971215, Mshkavank Monastery
(cross) 41.073682,45.07566, Voskepar Church
(cross) 41.033937,45.065945, Arakelots Monastery
[[File:Arakelots-DCP 6759.JPG|140px|link=]]
(cross) 40.99667,45.030084, Deghdznuti Monastery
[[File:Deghdznuti arches-dcp8377.jpg|140px|link=]]
(cross) 41.012036,44.990382, Kirants Monastery
[[File:Kirants monastery flowers-dcp4586.jpg|140px|link=]]
(cross) 40.973831,45.127051, Makaravank Monastery
[[File:Makaravank dcp9416.jpg|200px|link=]]
(cross) 40.965321,45.244022, Srveghi Monastery
[[File:Srveghi-DCP 6808.JPG|140px|link=]]
(cross) 40.960971,45.328029, Nor Varagavank Monastery
[[File:Nor-varagavank-DCP 6838.JPG|200px|link=]]
(cross) 40.860824,45.596802, Khoranashat Monastery
Very close to Azeri border. Visit could be dangerous.
[[File:Khoranashat monastery dcp5297.jpg|200px|link=]]
(cross) 40.914518,45.302253, Shkhmuradi Monastery
[[File:Shkhmuradi-DCP 6887.JPG|140px|link=]]
(cross) 40.729909,44.997511, Goshavank Monastery
[[File:Goshavank general-dcp2419.jpg|200px|link=]]
(cross) 40.801596,44.890952, Haghartsin Monastery
[[File:Haghartsin monastery-dcp4210.jpg|200px|link=]]
(cross) 40.755612,44.812503, Jukhtak Monastery
Location approx
[[File:Jukhtak-DCP 0383.JPG|200px|link=]]
(cross) 40.744981,44.807482, Matosavank Monastery
Location approx
[[File:Matosavank-DCP 0445.JPG|200px|link=]]
(tree) 40.903718,45.061326, Yenokavan Canyon
Caves, cliffs, river cascades, forest, etc.
[[File:Anapat cave-CIMG5637.JPG|200px|link=]]
40.737795,44.868979, Dilijan
Old Town
[[File:Dilijan belowstreet-dcp2526.jpg|200px|link=]]
<display_map service=leaflet showtitle=on pagelabel=yes zoom=10 height=650 width=600 layer=OpenStreetMap.OpenTopoMap center=40.971604,45.164795>
(brown) 40.882469,45.312467, Kaptavank Monastery
Location uncertain
[[File:Kaptavank-DCP 6947.JPG|200px|link=]]
(brown) 40.971729,45.035306, Samsoni Monastery
Location uncertain
[[File:Samsoni monastery-dcp8352.jpg|200px|link=]]
(brown) 40.917043,45.18791, Moro Dzoro Monastery
Location uncertain
(brown) 40.751679,44.960775, Parz Lich
Small lake
(brown) 40.87967,45.145376, Ijevan
Riverwalk, shuka
[[File:Ijevan town river-dcp9353.jpg|140px|link=]]
(brown) 40.878413,45.405679, Tavush Fort
location approx., little remains
[[File:Berd-DCP 6930.JPG|200px|link=]]
(orange) 39.820139,46.760559, Map of Armenian Attractions in Karabakh
(orange) 41.23238,43.989258, Map of Armenian Sites in Georgia
(orange) 39.75788,43.879395, Map of Armenian Sites in Turkey
(orange) 39.31305,44.67041, Map of Armenian Sites in Iran
(orange) 39.202462,45.532837, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan
(orange) 40.647304,46.005249, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan

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Clickable map of Tavush Marz's attractions, both major and minor. You can pan around and zoom in and out.

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