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Clickable map of [[Armenian Attraction Ratings|Ararat Marz's attractions]], both major and minor.  You can pan around and zoom in and out.
Clickable map of [[Armenian Attraction Ratings|Ararat Marz's attractions]], both major and minor.  You can pan around and zoom in and out.
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.97541" lon="44.717102" width="600" height="600" zoom="10" icons="http://www.armeniapedia.org/files/icons/marker-{label}.png">
(cross) 39.878378,44.576179, Khor Virap Monastery
[[File:Khor virap-DCP 0569.JPG|200px|link=]]
(cross) 40.106831,44.807742, Aghjots Vank Monastery
(cross) 40.123054,44.76937, Havuts Tar Monastery
40.112275,44.730331, Garni Temple
[[File:Garni temple-dcp1758.jpg|200px|link=]]
(cross) 40.14036,44.818436, Geghard Monastery
(ruins) 40.061367,44.887919, Azat Caves
(fort) 40.077326,44.874432, Kakavaberd Fort
(cross) 39.844469,44.906144, Karapet Monastery
[[File:Karapet monastery-dcp9905.jpg|200px|link=]]
(brown) 40.004542,44.578786, Dvin
<display_map service=leaflet showtitle=on pagelabel=yes zoom=10 height=600 width=600 center=39.97541,44.717102>
(brown) 39.824243,45.03886, Paruyr Sevak House Museum
39.878378,44.576179~[[Khor Virap Monastery]]~[[File:Khor virap-DCP 0569.JPG|200px|link=]]~File:Marker-cross.png
(brown) 39.714582,44.297562, Mt. Ararat
40.106831,44.807742~[[Aghjots Vank Monastery]]~[[File:Aghjots-CIMG6395.JPG|200px|link=]]~File:Marker-cross.png
Great views all along the Ararat Valley of the mount on the other side of the border.
40.123054,44.76937~[[Havuts Tar Monastery]]~[[File:Havuts_tar_monastery-dcp9699.jpg|200px|link=]]~File:Marker-cross.png
(crossbrown) 40.059844, 44.880181, Unknown Church
40.112275,44.730331~[[Garni Temple]]~[[File:Garni temple-dcp1758.jpg|200px|link=]]
Location may be approx.
40.14036,44.818436~[[Geghard Monastery]]~[[File:Geghard_lion_cross_reliefs-IMG_2562.JPG|200px|link=]]~File:Marker-cross.png
40.061367,44.887919~[[Azat Caves]]~~File:Marker-ruins.png
(brown) 39.884598,44.576211, Ancient Artashat
40.077326,44.874432~[[Kakavaberd Fort]]~~File:Marker-fort.png
39.844469,44.906144~[[Karapet Monastery]]~[[File:Karapet monastery-dcp9905.jpg|200px|link=]]~File:Marker-cross.png
(orange) 39.820139,46.760559, Map of Armenian Attractions in Karabakh
(orange) 41.23238,43.989258, Map of Armenian Sites in Georgia
39.824243,45.03886~[[Paruyr Sevak House Museum]]~~File:Marker-brown.png
(orange) 39.75788,43.879395, Map of Armenian Sites in Turkey
39.714582,44.297562~[[Mt. Ararat]]~Great views all along the Ararat Valley of the mount on the other side of the border.~File:Marker-brown.png
(orange) 39.31305,44.67041, Map of Armenian Sites in Iran
40.059844, 44.880181~Unknown Church - Location may be approx. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/28195191~~File:Marker-crossbrown.png
(orange) 39.202462,45.532837, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan
39.884598,44.576211~[[Ancient Artashat]]~~File:Marker-brown.png
(orange) 40.647304,46.005249, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan
39.820139,46.760559~[[Map of Armenian Attractions in Karabakh]]~~File:Marker-orange.png
41.23238,43.989258~[[Map of Armenian Sites in Georgia]]~~File:Marker-orange.png
39.75788,43.879395~[[Map of Armenian Sites in Turkey]]~~File:Marker-orange.png
39.31305,44.67041~[[Map of Armenian Sites in Iran]]~~File:Marker-orange.png
39.202462,45.532837~[[Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan]]~~File:Marker-orange.png
40.647304,46.005249~[[Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan]]~~File:Marker-orange.png

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Clickable map of Ararat Marz's attractions, both major and minor. You can pan around and zoom in and out.

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