Map of Attractions in Aragatsotn Marz

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Clickable map of Aragatsotn Marz's attractions, both major and minor. You can pan around and zoom in and out. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="40.468727" lon="44.089336" width="800" height="650" zoom="10" icons="{label}.png"> (fort) 40.388329,44.226556, Amberd Fortress Amberd fortchurch-dcp5751.jpg (cross) 40.106831,44.807742, Aghjots Vank Monastery Aghjots-CIMG6395.JPG (cross) 40.345109,44.239846, Tegher Monastery Tegher monastery-dcp2679.jpg (cross) 40.289011,44.080587, Aruch Cathedral (cross) 40.309969,44.156142, Surb Stepanos of Kosh (cross) 40.388323,43.872423, Talin Cathedral (fort) 40.338375,43.856832, Dashtadem Fortress (cross) 40.322862,43.85945, Kristapori Vank (cross) 40.451764,43.884029, Mastara Church (cross) 40.496725,43.956224, Garnahovit Church

(brown) 40.389933,43.971941, Irind Church (brown) 40.304023,44.07721, Aruch Caravanserai (brown) 40.307009,44.159626, Kosh Castle (brown) 40.284171,44.176538, Kosh's big khachkar (brown) 40.305977,44.159401, Surb Grigor of Kosh (brown) 40.305212,44.160375, Surb Gevorg of Kosh (brown) 40.33422,44.168252, Avan Village Church

(orange) 41.23238,43.989258, Map of Armenian Sites in Georgia (orange) 39.75788,43.879395, Map of Armenian Attractions in Turkey (orange) 39.31305,44.67041, Map of Armenian Sites in Iran (orange) 39.202462,45.532837, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan (orange) 40.647304,46.005249, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan </googlemap>

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Marker-cross.png Church / Monastery Marker-crossbrown.png Ruined Church Marker-fort.png Fortress Marker-fortressbrown.png Ruined Fortress Marker-cave.png Cave Marker-ruins.png Ruins Marker-tree.png Nature / Scenic Marker-hike.png Hiking Marker-museum.png Museum Marker-springblue.png Spring Marker-toilet.png Toilet Marker-picnic.png Picnic Marker-tram.png Tram / Gondola Marker-camp.png Camping Marker-bike.png Biking Marker-bed.png Hotel Marker-ski.png Ski Marker-hang.png Hang glide Marker-shelter.png Shelter Marker-brown.png Minor site Marker-orange.png Other map