Map of Armenian Sites in Eastern Europe

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Clickable map of Armenian sites in Eastern Europe. You can pan around and zoom in and out. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="49.979488" lon="26.103516" width="700" height="600" zoom="4" icons="{label}.png"> (cross) 56.951782, 24.109415, Khachkar across from Bastejkalns Park (Riga)

(cross) 47.652709,26.243951, Zamca Armenian Monastery In a compound with massive fortified walls. Surrounded by a park. (cross) 47.649988,26.253655, Armenian Church and Cemetery (Suceava) Now working as a Romanian Church. On Armenian Street. (cross) 47.647176,26.257823, Armenian Church (Suceava) On Armenian Street (cross) 47.642591, 26.233526, Armenian Church (Suceava) (cross) 47.621149,26.232286, Hagikadar Armenian Monastery People travel great distances to crawl around this Armenian church 3x on their knees in order for their wish to be granted. Wishes are written on paper and left there as well. Fortified compound on a hill. (cross) 44.437447,26.110779, Armenian Church (Bucharest) On Armenian Street. Smaller scale version of the Armenian Mother Church in Ejmiatsin. Also has library and printing press. There was once a second Armenian Church in Bucharest. (cross) 44.852958, 24.876831, Armenian Church in Piteşti. (cross) 47.162473,27.588986, Armenian Church (Iasi) 47.163611,27.588396, Armenian Street (Iasi) (cross) 46.923227,26.928128, Armenian Church (Roman) (cross) 45.177404,28.806396, St. Gregory the Illuminator Church (Tulcea) (cross) 45.441234, 28.035826, There is or was an Armenian Church somewhere in Galați. Location unknown. 47.03023,23.910626, Gherla Founded by Armenians and once called Armenopolis. Has Armenian street and church. Once had 2 Armenian churches. (crossbrown) 47.131184, 24.496600, there was once an Armenian Church in Bistrița - I don't know whether it is gone or repurposed. (cross) 47.739886,26.671595, Armenian Church (Botoşani), apparently 2 Armenian churches. (cross) 45.273933,27.973766, Armenian Church (Brăila) (cross) 44.172586, 28.658416, There is or was an Armenian Church in Constanța. Location unknown. (crossbrown) 46.225301,24.576619, Armenian Church (Dumbrăveni) (crossbrown) 46.454922, 25.847646, Armenian Catholic Church (Frumoasa) (crossbrown) 46.724724, 25.605756, Armenian Catholic Church (Gheorgheni) (cross) 45.695896, 27.179775, Armenian Church (Focșani) (cross) 46.281355, 26.617796, There is or was an Armenian Church in Târgu Ocna. Location unknown.

47.010986,28.830117, Armenian Cemetery (Chishinau) (cross) 47.030771,28.843789, St. Mary's Armenian Church (Chishinau)

(cross) 42.150744,24.751645, Armenian Church (Plovdiv) 42.698572,23.316295, William Saroyan Elementary School

(cross) 47.482051, 19.050829, Armenian Catholic Church (Budapest)

50.407779,30.672191, Armenian Street (Kiev) (cross) 49.843359,24.03068, Armenian Church (Lviv) 49.842866,24.028177, Armenian Street (Lviv) 48.671664,26.5735, Armenian Street (Kamenets-Podolskiy) (cross) 48.671494,26.57378, Armenian Street (Kamenets-Podolskiy) 48.288772,25.938993, Sts. Peter and Paul Church (Chernovtsy) Beautiful Sts. Peter and Paul Armenian Church on the corner of Armenian Lane and Armenian Street.

(cross) 44.50117,34.165339, Armenian Church (Yalta) (cross) 45.000759,35.062579, Surb Khach Armenian Monastery (Crimea) 46.107845,33.692744, Armyansk, Ukraine (cross) 46.198117,30.355663, Armenian Church of Dormition of the Theotokos 48.63471,22.283909, Armenian Street (Uzhgorod) 48.922633,24.711775, Armenian Church (Ivano-Frankovsk) Armenian Church on Armenian Street 44.990769,34.078, Armenian Street (Simferopol) 44.990754,34.079041, Yerevan Street (Simferopol) (cross) 45.200277, 33.379757, Surb Nikoghos Armenian Church (Yevpatoriya) (cross) 45.022117, 35.389677, Surb Sargis Armenian Church (Feodosiya) at 1 Ayvazovsky Lane. 14th century. Adjoining tomb of Ayvazovsky. (cross) 45.023918, 35.379337, Surb Gevorg Armenian Church (Feodosiya) 45.027711, 35.384851, Ayvazovsky Fountain (Feodosiya). Designed and funded by Ayvazovsky during the 1887 drought. 45.032323, 35.382803, Aivazovsky Gallery/Museum on Ayvazovsky Avenue (Feodosiya). Галерея Айвазовского

55.753611,37.619722, Ivan Baghramyan's burial at the Kremlin Wall Necropolis (cross) 55.788252, 37.621402, Holy Transfiguration Cathedral Huge new Armenian Cathedral and cultural center to serve the largest Armenian Diaspora community in the world. 55.760590, 37.635159, Armyanskiy Pereulok (Armenian Street)

44.988113,41.109123, Armavir, Russia 45.042478,38.973141, Krasnodar, Russia 47.247543,39.696929, Rostov on Don, Russia 47.23245,39.756075, Nor Nakhichevan, Russia (cross) 42.057044, 48.287108, Armenian Church of Derbent Surb Amenaprkich / All Saviors Armenian Church

(orange) 41.69155,44.809241, Map of Armenian Sites in Georgia (orange) 40.313043,33.33252, Map of Armenian Sites in Turkey (orange) 40.955011,45.933838, Map of Armenian Sites in Azerbaijan (orange) 38.728376,44.945068, Map of Armenian Sites in Iran (orange) 36.491973,43.571777, Map of Armenian Sites in the Middle East (orange) 40.363288,44.67041, Armenian Attractions Map Map of the major attractions in Armenia and Karabakh </googlemap>

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