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Clickable map of [[Armenian Attraction Ratings|Karabakh's top attractions]].  You can pan around and zoom in and out.
Clickable map of [[Armenian Attraction Ratings|Karabakh's attractions]], both major and minor.  You can pan around and zoom in and out.
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.821194" lon="46.51062" width="800" height="650" zoom="9" icons="http://www.armeniapedia.org/files/icons/marker-{label}.png">
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.821194" lon="46.51062" width="800" height="650" zoom="9" icons="http://www.armeniapedia.org/files/icons/marker-{label}.png">
(ruins) 39.993364,46.931405, Aghdam Town
(ruins) 39.993364,46.931405, Aghdam Town

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Clickable map of Karabakh's attractions, both major and minor. You can pan around and zoom in and out. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.821194" lon="46.51062" width="800" height="650" zoom="9" icons="http://www.armeniapedia.org/files/icons/marker-{label}.png"> (ruins) 39.993364,46.931405, Aghdam Town Aghdam ruins-dcp4056.jpg (cross) 40.161473,46.28827, Dadivank Monastery Dadivank general-dcp4092.jpg (cross) 40.057134,46.53137, Gandzasar Monastery Gandzasar-CIMG5365.JPG (cross) 40.251691,46.640224, Yerits Mankants Monastery Yerits-mankants-P1002801.JPG (cross) 39.593801,46.942134, Gtichavank Monastery Gtichavank-P1002663.JPG (fort) 40.226957,46.137879, Handaberd Fortress Handaberd-fortress-IMG 8583.JPG 40.042433,46.016251, Karvachar Geyser Karvachar geyser-CIMG6609.JPG (cross) 40.344974,46.678205, Yeghishe Arakyel Monastery Yeghish-arakyel-P1003037.JPG 39.758672,46.747856, Shushi Town Ghazanchetsots Cathedral-DCP 3067.JPG 40.069911,46.239202, Zuar Hotsprings Dzovdar hotsprings-dcp6421.jpg (fort) 39.933388,46.831627, Mayraberd-Askeran Fortress Askeran1.JPG (cross) 39.644362,46.407806, Tsitsernavank Church 200px (cross) 39.683742,47.057405, Amaras Monastery 200px (tree) 39.69693,46.948957, Skhtorashen Tree 200px 39.817651,46.752813, Stepanakert Town Stepanakert-square-P1003098.JPG 39.619148,46.988633, Azokh Cave Azokh cave-IMG 3767.JPG 39.759923,46.765473, Karkar Canyon Beautiful Zontik Waterfall, massive sheer cliffs, ruins of Hunot Village Mazzoniguide.com-34400757.jpg

(ruins) 39.949227,45.96302, Jermajur Town Formerly known as Istisu. Mazzoniguide.com-34376125.jpg (brown) 39.538411,47.157207, Caravanserai (brown) 40.023277,46.684899, Ptki Surb Gevorg Monastery Location thought to be correct, but it might actually be one hill south. Mazzoniguide.com-37749816.jpg (brown) , Avetaranots Village Village church and partially intact sprawling remains of Melik Shakhnazar's house. (brown) 39.947483,46.621945, Otskanvank Location approx, but close. Mazzoniguide.com-37596357.jpg (brown) 39.885434,46.618815, Okhti Yeghtsi Location approx, but close. Mazzoniguide.com-37610088.jpg (brown) 39.971653,46.614867, Kachaghakaberd Mazzoniguide.com-34562648.jpg (brown) 40.015319,46.599272, Metsaranits (brown) 39.989061,46.551229, Koshik Anapat Mazzoniguide.com-34310420.jpg (brown) 39.848581,46.96743, Bri Yeghtsi Location approx. Mazzoniguide.com-48227918.jpg (brown) 39.513665,47.022412, Spitak Khach Vank (brown) 39.50615,47.030328 Tak Village Church Mazzoniguide.com-34562645.jpg (brown) 39.538254,46.824589, Katarovank Location approx. Mazzoniguide.com-48409912.jpg (brown) 39.693178,46.272912, Hak Village Church, bridge, mineral springs Mazzoniguide.com-47325075.jpg (brown) 40.082822,46.465977, Karmiravank (Vaghuhas) Mazzoniguide.com-34335326.jpg (brown) 39.955535,46.698713, Hilis Church Mazzoniguide.com-37748557.jpg (brown) 40.023178,46.53343, Hasan Jalalyan Palace Ruins of a very modest palace, with some khachkars. Mazzoniguide.com-34458207.jpg (brown) 40.071495,46.887111, Vankasar Church 19991109-papravendareachurchclose.jpg (brown) 40.068739,46.905956, Shahbulag Castle (brown) 40.066848,46.901917, Tigranakert excavations Mazzoniguide.com-47805678.jpg (brown) 39.836025,46.299348, Shalua Church Sts. Peter and Paul Church, 14th century (brown) 39.632519,46.540591, Berdzor Previous name is Lachin. New church. Berdzor town church-dcp3094.jpg (brown) 39.795173,47.110818, Monte Melkonian Statue of Monte Melkonian in the center of Martuni, a town he was charged with defending during the Karabakh war. Martuni-IMG 8217.JPG (brown) 40.238261,46.666746, Jraberd Fortress Jraberd-P1002765.JPG (brown) 39.883034,46.344838, Aghbradzor St. Grigor Church Location marks village, not church. 200pxlink= (brown) 39.732986,47.191587, Gevorgavan Russian Church (brown) 40.211851,46.505985, Mesis Vank Monastery Minor monastery and settlement ruins. Mazzoniguide.com-48160150.jpg (brown) 40.370089,46.672454, Horekavank Monastery Mazzoniguide.com-48160181.jpg (brown) 40.370286,46.664772, Beglaryan Melikdom Palace Mazzoniguide.com-34415221.jpg (brown) 40.158312,46.412001, Akarakaberd Fortress Mazzoniguide.com-34413794.jpg (brown) 40.171069,46.258621, Surb Astvatsatin Monastery (Tartar) Mazzoniguide.com-47229226.jpg (brown) 40.12055,46.4064, Khatravank Monastery Location approximate Mazzoniguide.com-48160377.jpg (brown) 40.137768,46.344066, Charektar Monastery Virtually nothing left of this monastery. (brown) 40.03301,46.817054, Gutlu Musa Mausoleum Mazzoniguide.com-37639677.jpg (brown) 40.045062,46.826649, Khachen Reservoir Mazzoniguide.com-37639293.jpg (brown) 40.182742,46.619282, Sarsang Reservoir Mazzoniguide.com-48226146.jpg (brown) 40.00441,45.957077, Tsar Village St. Sargis Church ruins, khachkars, stunning views Mazzoniguide.com-47319224.jpg (brown) 40.240562,46.169229, Chapni Chapel Mazzoniguide.com-47235477.jpg (brown) 39.994169,46.813425, Karaglukh Church Mazzoniguide.com-37639687.jpg (brown) 39.972664,46.862762, Cemetery with Mausoleum Large Muslim cemetery with mausoleum (brown) 39.954487,46.844915, Tank Memorial Mazzoniguide.com-38194855.jpg (brown) 39.680546,46.387528, Tandzut Cave Church Mazzoniguide.com-42832084.jpg (brown) 40.341245,46.584649, Napat Vank Նապատ-Վանք - Монастырь Напат-ванк http://www.panoramio.com/photo/48521276 (brown) 40.357369,46.652541, Yeghaker Monastery монастырь ЕХАКЕР http://www.panoramio.com/photo/30776197 (hike) 39.677863,46.871796, Janapar Trail 200km hiking trail from one end of Karabakh to the other, passing some of the highlights 140px </googlemap>

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