Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh

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Mammad_Amin_Rasulzadeh&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh Mars symbol.svg
Birthplace Novxani
Death place Ankara
Ethnicities Azerbaijani

==History lesson / How Azeri officials collaborated with Nazis

Recently Nikol Pashinyan responded to Ilham Aliyev and pointed out that 75,000 Azeris, organized by Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh, fought for Nazis. Summary of events:

Mammad is viewed as a founding father of Azeri nationalism and the architect of 1st Azeri Republic. He is hailed by Musavat and National Front parties. However, they try to ignore certain uneasy facts about him.


1913: Mammad becomes the ideological leader of the Musavat party.

1918: the Azeri Parliament, led by Mammad, declares Azeri independence.

1920: Soviet influence increases. Mammad quits and moves to Turkey.

1922: he creates Musavat party's Turkish office to help organize Azeri diaspora.

1931: things get nasty and Ataturk kicks him out of Turkey. He settles in Romania.

Around this time he goes to Berlin, meets the authorities, and the German intelligence services.

1940: Nazis invade Romania. The German embassy in Romania warns not to touch Mammad because he's a German agent. Mammad is given papers to freely travel to Germany.

1942: He visits Germany to participate in the Congress of Caucasus Emigrants. He helps Nazis to create a Legion consisted of Azeri volunteers and war hostages. Other Azeri officials helped him: ex Interior Minister, Shafi Rustambeyli, etc.

1942: Mammad uses his connections to help Nazis infiltrate southern Soviet cities of Mozdok and Taganrog.

1943: In Berlin's Kaiserhof luxury hotel, Mammad organizes a celebration to mark the 25th anniversary of Azeri independence. German govt and public figures attend.

1943-August: Nazis make it clear they won't help create an independent Azerbaijan, no matter how much Mammah helps the Nazis. Mammad leaves Germany and settles in Turkey.

1947: Mammad uses his connections to smuggle 4,000 Nazi-Azeris out of Germany to help them settle in Turkey, so they'd avoid Soviet punishment.

1955: dies.

1993: Heydar Aliyev throws a party for his 110th anniversary. Postal stamps are printed with his picture. The 1,000 Manat bill features his face.

2013: Ilham Aliyev throws a party for his 130th anniversary. Stamps are printed.

Mammad has a street named after him in Baku and elsewhere. Many statues.

Video of Azer Nazi Legion:

by Anna Chichyan:

translation by ar_david_hh