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**[[Bright Armenia]] (LHK) - [[Edmon Marukyan]]
**[[Bright Armenia]] (LHK) - [[Edmon Marukyan]]
*<b>Media</b> - [[Media|Main Page]]
*<b>Media</b> - [[Media|Main Page]] · [[Armenian Newspapers|Newspapers]] · [[Armenian Cinema|Film]] · [[Armenian Radio|Radio]] · [[Armenian TV|TV]] · [[Armenian Online Journals|Blogs]]
**[[Armenian Newspapers|Newspapers]]
**[[Armenian Cinema|Film]]
**[[Armenian Radio|Radio]]
**[[Armenian TV|TV]]
**[[Armenian Online Journals|Blogs]]

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Or to put it differently, what's the difference between Wikipedia and Armenia? Here is some information Armeniapedia can and does have that Wikipedia guidelines do not allow. Armenian recipes, entire books online, maps of Armenian sites in different parts of the world, articles about any Armenian in the world, information about visits to Armenia or quotes about Armenia(ns) by non-Armenians, book catalogs, courses on how to teach yourself Armenian, etc. There's no limit to what can be added, other than it relating to Armenians!

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Important.png About the articles - Articles about things Armenian should tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the subject, such as the duduk or Kirk Kerkorian. Articles about things not Armenian are here only to give the Armenian angle, or connection. The Bob Dole page will therefore only contain letters, references, information on his activities related to Armenian(ns).

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