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Lucine_Kasbarian&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Lucine Kasbarian Venus symbol.svg
Name in Armenian Լուսին Գասպարեան
Languages Armenian, English
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Western Armenian

Journalist; political cartoonist; book publicist

In-house publicity, promotion and/or marketing history with Alfred A. Knopf; Hearst Books; Red Wheel, Weiser & Conari Press; Progressive Book Publicity

Bachelor’s Degree: New York University, NYC

Major: Journalism; Minors: Political Science and Studio Art

Graduate Studies: School of Visual Arts, NYC

Concentration: Illustration and cartooning

Author of ARMENIA: A Rugged Land, An Enduring People (1998, Dillon Press/Simon & Schuster) (A 1998 'Bank Street Best Books of the Year' selection.)

ARMENIA: A Rugged Land, An Enduring People offers a comprehensive introduction to the land, history and culture of the Armenian people in a condensed, easy-to-read format designed for both children and adults. Within 11 chapters, ARMENIA explores the origins and history of the Armenians, describes the geographical characteristics of the country, notes the achievements of pioneering Armenians, documents the events and evidence surrounding the Armenian Genocide of 1915, and describes what life is like in the country today. A quick read for adults and a comprehensive overview for children, this book offers all readers a wonderful introduction to the people, land, history and culture of Armenia. Insightful and inspiring, it's a great gift to share with friends to help understand who we are as Armenians...a must-have for reading and reference.

Author of "The Greedy Sparrow: An Armenian Tale" (2011, Marshall Cavendish/Two Lions) (A Silver Award-winner in the Nautilus Book Awards 2013, and an Honor Book in the 2012 Storytelling World Resources Awards.)

The Greedy Sparrow was handed down orally through the generations of Kasbarians’ family (in the Western Armenian dialect of Dikranagerd) before the author translated it into English for this illustrated picture book for children. Armenian poet Hovhannes Toumanian was the first to record this folk tale on paper (and in the Eastern Armenian dialect) at the turn of the 20th century. The tale tells of a sparrow who catches a thorn in his foot. As he asks for help, he sets off an intriguing cycle of action that transports him through the Armenian countryside, encountering people engaged in traditional folkways. The tale ends with a surprising twist and conveys moral messages about greed, selfishness, and using one’s judgment.

Subject of Perspectives from Exile, published for the multi-part art exhibition series, Kiss the Ground (Yergurbakoutiun), produced by Curator Todd Bartel, the Thompson Gallery and the Cambridge School of Weston, Mass. in honor of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide (April, 2015)

“Perspectives from Exile,”contains a compilation of Lucine Kasbarian’s editorial cartoons about the Armenian Cause; an interview with Kasbarian conducted by Todd Bartel, director of the Thompson Gallery at CSW; assorted articles, and installation photos of the exhibition of her works.

Selected Articles

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Appearing in outlets and sites including:

ActivistArt; Agos; Ankawa; Aravot; Armenian, Assyrian and Hellenic Genocide News; Armenian Mirror-Spectator; Armenian Weekly; Artists at War; Axis of Logic; Aypoupen, Aysor; Azad-Hye; Blacklisted News; Blogian; California Courier; Counter Currents; Cuadernos Feministas' La Liga Semenal; EVN Report; Foreign Policy Journal; GagRule; Gates Of Vienna; HETQ - Investigative Journalists of Armenia; Hye Media; Independent Australia; Keghart; Levant Report; Loussapatz; MassisPost; Nouvel Hay; Nouvelles d'Armenie; Orthodoxy Cognate; RAG Mamoul; SleuthJournal; State of the Nation; Tabriz Cartoons; The Artifa[ctuals] and more.

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