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Also known as Lovers Park, located surrounding the Marshall Baghramian Metro Station on Baghramian Street in Yerevan.

Park renovation

A calm oasis in the heart of Yerevan
Lovers’ Park opens thanks to the Boghossian family

by Maria Titizian
Armenian Reporter

Yerevan - "We envisage a park that is beautiful and unconventional in its manifestation and worthy in its content; a gift from my family to the city of Yerevan," Albert Boghossian said. His family is responsible for the complete revitalization of Lovers' Park in the heart of Yerevan. "This park, with its special landscape is meant to be a place for people who can escape the pressures of daily life can take a pause, relax and find serenity. A place where lovers can share their emotions in a powerful and unusual environment, a place where an artist or a poet can find inspiration to complete their creation. A place for Yerevantsis and visitors of Yerevan to simply spend some good time."

With the cooperation of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and the Boghossian Foundation, the official opening of Lover's Park took place on October 17, a particularly sunny autumn day. The 1.6-hectare park was designed by Pierre Rambach of Switzerland who has designed many gardens with eastern influences. "I tried to give the magnitude of the natural movement of terrain, to create tenderness and sensuality by the outlined curves of passages. I also sought to express a sense of freedom, releasing the trees from the old rectilinear structure by an eye-catching appearance of the hills," explained Mr. Rambach. "To create a place for the meeting of cultures or solitary meditations, to create a place where the urban turmoil fades into oblivion and leaves yourself to be lulled by the whisper of water. Also a place, where generations meet with the help of a play-ground for kids, not far from the one reserved for games for elderly people." According to the Boghossian Foundation, even though the park was conceived in the tradition of Japanese landscaping, in composition and spirit it is a reflection of modern Armenia.

Local project management was handled by architect Sarhad Petrossian, working with architect Naneh Toumanian.

Ara Vardanyan, the acting executive director of the Armenia Fund said, "Together with the Boghossian Foundation we have spared no efforts in order to restore the park, as well as have done our best to provide a fresh touch and new quality. I hope that the park will continue to be a favourite place for relaxation."

The revitalization of the park cost $1.3 million; it boasts an artificial lake with islets, several waterfalls, over 20 stone compositions, and beautifully manicured lawns and flower beds. The park is wheelchair accessible and even has jogging paths. Decorative lights are presented throughout and the Boghossian Foundation has committed to maintaining and being responsible for the upkeep the park for the next 21 years.

Taking part in the ribbon cutting and opening ceremonies of Lovers' Park was President Serge Sargsian, Mayor of Yerevan Yervand Zakharian, Mr. Boghossian representing Boghossian Foundation, Pierre Rambach, members of parliament, ministers and other high ranking officials.

During his speech at the opening ceremonies, Mr. Boghossian said: "I envision for this park to go beyond its original purpose of a promenade and to become a living place throughout the year where artists of different horizons, musicians, sculptors, painters will perform at the open air auditorium or expose their art through the landscape. Even in winter, when everything is frozen and little outdoor activity happens, I envision a festival of lights and forms emerging from the depth of the park bringing life in the midst of winter and snow."

The Boghossian Foundation was created in 1992 by Robert Boghossian and his two sons Jean and Albert, jewelers based in Antwerp and Geneva.