Lidya Tchakerian

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Lidya Tchakerian, Armenian Artist born in Lebanon (1959). Obtained her degree, Masters of Fine Arts from ALBA (Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts), where she lectured from 1989 until 2002. Since then never lending herself to derisive exercises, but creating different dimensions, refusing to create sarcastic objects destined for bourgeois. For her the inequalities and the particularities of a condition cannot define its fundamental truth.

To translate the profound equality of beings, she captures them in their uniqueness and universality. Blending drama and beauty through the ever deepening of a language in which only her subconscious varies. Creating a work in which life and painting blend in a perfect existential poem.

Her works has been showcased in various prestigious exhibitions, Forum of Beirut; organized by Cultural Center of France for Middle Eastern Artists, Hotel Riviera for the 50th Anniversary of LOGH, The 50th Anniversary of Armenian Artists’ Existentialism in Lebanon, (Les Artistes Armeniens 50 Ans Au Liban), Salon D’Automn Grand Palais International Exhibition in Paris, 2004 Salon International, Greenhouse Gallery, TX 2004 Biennial International Juried Exhibition, BradCooper Gallery Tampa, FL, Art Basel, Masters’ Mystery Art Show in Ritz Carlton Miami, The New Expressionists International Exhibition, a la carte Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, 2nd Biennial International Juried Exhibition, World Council for Arts & Culture, Herbst International Exhibition Hall, San Francisco, 2005