Letter: Between a Rock and a Hard Place - 2000

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Letter to the Editor
Published in the Armenian Reporter International
September 2, 2000

Dear Editor:

Recently, I received a letter from the Republican National Committee asking for my support. I replied “Do you really expect me to support a pro-Turkish, anti-Armenian Dick Cheney? Or Bush Jr.?

I’m waiting for a similar letter from the Democrats so I can say the same about Joe Lieberman and Al Gore.

Were you watching C-Span, as I was, during the Senate deliberations and vote on Section 907?

Did you see, as I did, Sen. Lautenberg cast his vote for retaining Sec. 907? And did you see Joe Lieberman promptly go over to Lautenberg, put his arm around his shoulder and whisper in his ear? And did you see Lautenberg immediately ask the Chairman to change his vote?

I urge all your readers to let the presidential and vice presidential candidates know what they need to do to get the support of their Armenian constituents.

C.K. Garabed
Teaneck, NJ