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The Kurdish community in Armenia is small but active. There are an estimated 30,000 Kurds living in Armenia in some 21 villages, mostly in the Aragatsotn region about 20 miles northwest of Yerevan. Others are around Aparan and Talin.

There is some debate on this, but it seems evident there is a difference between Christian or Muslim Kurds living in Armenia and the Yezidis, who are Kurdish by blood but who have a unique religion. Armenian Muslim Kurds are Sunni, and primarily shepherds, who in summer live in tents while minding flocks along the hillsides near Mount Aragats. One Kurdish family lives close to the peak of Mount Aragats – the highest place in Armenia. Many Kurds in Armenia live a half-nomad life – they bring sheep each spring to the fresh pastures, where they stay until autumn.