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Komitas Park stands behind cast-iron railings on the right Ordzhonikidze Avenue, the district’s main road. Many outstanding figures of Armenia’s artistic world are buried here, including Komitas (1869-1935), one of Armenia’s great composers. His work came to an abrupt and tragic end in 1915; he was so disturbed by the Turkish government’s horrific slaughter of the Armenians, that he became insane. He died in Paris, where the best French doctors were unable to cure him. The Pantheon is also the site of the graves of composers Romanos and Spiridon Melikyan, Aram Khachaturyan, poets Ovannes Ovannesyan and Avetik Isaakyan, writers William Saroyan, Shirvanzade, Vrtanes Papazyan, Nairi Zaryan and Suren Kocharyan, historian and Academician Leo, artistes Ovannes Abelyan, Grachia Nersesyan and Vagram Papazyan, architects Toros Toramanyan and Alexander Tamanyan and artist Martiros Saryan.


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The Komitas Pantheon which was to be subject of reconstruction three years ago has finally caught the attention of the authorities. 96 million drams have been allotted from the state budget for reconstruction works.

The works started on June and they will finish in October, according to the director of the Pantheon Grisha Hunanyan. The construction is realized according to the project of Stepan Qyurqchyan.

On both sides of the garden there will be gates and the entrance will be guarded to prevent robberies. By the way, during the reconstruction special places will be allotted in the walls for cinerary urns.

After the reconstruction the irrigation problem will also be solved.

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