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Knaravan Village

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Knaravan is a village in Karvajar (Kelbajar), Karabakh. The village is a underneath both Handaberd Fortress and Handaberd Monastery.

The head of Harutunian family (sponsor of Knaravan village construction) Karapet Harutunian's words:

Knar Harutunian was the admirer of our Motherland. The supreme dream of her young age was to visit Armenia. She realized her dream in 1959 with the author of these lines.

Knar gave birth to three sons, whom she has educated by her spirit and who are pursuing the fulfillment of unfinished deeds of their mother now.

And at this time when Knar has gone forever, owing to her once started and now continuing activities, directed on the prosperity of our Motherland, we feel that she is with us.

Knaravan is located in the liberated ancestral lands of victorious Artsakh. The reconstruction of our motherland and the strengthening of our country’s borders are served by its existence.

In 1728 A.D., the last leader of Artsakh, David Bek, on his death bed, urged the periods’ rulers to always be alert, unanimous, maintain a standing army and to protect the motherland. The Armenian aristocracy and the whole Armenia army pledged to remain faithful to the will of the gracious leader.

Our people managed to liberate the occupied motherland with humble means. Today, three centuries after the death of David Bek, the towering Artsakh remains faithful to the Armenian pledge.

Artsakh exists and will exist. The primary responsibility of each Armenian is to assist in the reconstruction of Artsakh.

It is time to put ideological differences aside, assemble around the motherland and to help in the vital reconstruction work.

We are obliged to continue the work of our ancestors, obliged to return and to settle, and to pass-on the Armenian name and motherland to our children.

And life shall go on...

Knaravan is the first of its kind in construction. Soon we will have the construction of new “Knaravans”.

It is time to bid farewell, dear Knar. Let God grant you Heavenly kingdom. Good bye, your sons are living by you, your grandchildren will follow by your way.

Oh Motherland, your strength is in your unity.